You Must Know What Makeup Artist Want To Tell You!...

Kevin White / Sep 2021

You always look beautiful when you wearing your dress with perfect pair of sandal, having nail art and putting makeup on for the special day or for an event. And getting your make done by... Continue Reading

Check It! Is It Time To Change Your Hair Stylist

Justin King / Aug 2021

Hair are precious for everyone, so the hairstylist also. It’s really hard to find a perfect hairstylist but if you have found yours, keep them close and don’t ever lose t... Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Salon Rent-A-Chairs

Kasey Anderson / Aug 2021

Having an empty space or chair at your salon?  Now days rent a chair is becoming very popular as it gives clear advantages for both the salon and the hairdresser, but can only work i... Continue Reading

Things Should Consider Before Firing An Employee

Alivia Harris / July 2021

Firing someone is never an easy thing to do. It’s uncomfortable for you, even if you know it’s time, and it’s even worse for your employee. For a small business, where y... Continue Reading

Successful Loyalty Program For Your Salon

Sean Anderson / Jun 2021

Who doesn’t like free stuff? It is in human nature. Free stud makes us feel pleasured. So don’t we offer these pleasures to our customers? As we know the beauty industry is on... Continue Reading

Ensure Safety and Security in the Workplace

Noah Brown / Jun 2021

It’s not an easy to survive your workplace without security and safety! We can deny the fact that it is dangerous world out there. Protection of your loved ones, your home, and your... Continue Reading