Update Your Salon Business With Google My Business

Denial Scott / Jan 2021

In the era of the digital world, we intend to find each and everything online just by searching instead of putting some effort into finding that place going outside, for example, hair... Continue Reading

Things Which Hairdresser Won’t Tell You But You Mu...

Joey Matthews / Jan 2020

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Go Green Your Salon Business

Linda Carter / Dec 2020

Today every business adopts a green lifestyle so why not our salon should adopt a sustainable business style. Some small changes help to reduce pollution and also protecting our natural r... Continue Reading

Steps must be taken for maintaining good customer...

Jimmy Watson / Feb 2019

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How To Stop Negative Gossip At Your Salon

Sia Jonas / Aug 2019

Gossiping in the office brings employees closer and makes them more co-operative, a study has claimed. But this is also true that Gossiping is the first step of negativity in your salon e... Continue Reading

How You Can Build Your Salon Clientele

Chinky Pandey / Aug 2020

No customer no business. As businesses need money to survive. To make money, businesses need customers. Ideally these customers are happy, tell their friends about you and keep coming bac... Continue Reading