Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Different Face Shape

Nagesh Kukreja / July 2019

Let’s be real, eyebrows are one of the most aesthetically pleasing features on our faces. No matter who you are or how attractive you are, everyone would drop serious points if we d... Continue Reading

Application Of Lipstick On Different Lip Shapes

Vasudev Khandelwal / May 2019

Put the right lipstick in the right way and conquer the world. But Happiness can be as simple as you applying proper lipstick according to your lip shape. Let’s cover the basic lipp... Continue Reading

Two Techniques of Removing Hair- Waxing & Shaving

Surbhi Agrawal / Mar 2019

Nowadays teens also want to keep their skin smooth and hairless. But doing the first attempt they should know all about waxing or shaving, which option will be better for them. How do the... Continue Reading

Microblading: Make Brows That Fits On Your Face.

Vikras Parihar / Oct 2018

This is a fact that “beauty lies in the Eyebrow of the beholder”. “The perfect brow formed a delicate arch just over the brow bone. A particularly appealing feature was... Continue Reading

Enjoy your new lashes with Eyelashes Extensions

Krishna Chandrayan

Having more time, fuller and prettier eyelashes is the desire of every woman. Because the eyes are the first stuff that anyone you fulfil for the first time notices inside you, you just d... Continue Reading

Busy Women and Her Beauty

Saloni Verma / Aug 2018

In the rushed routine of the modern woman's daily life, she might not always have time to place on makeup and do their hair. Whether she works in the corporate world or ta... Continue Reading