Get Relax WithThai Massage

Annirudh Pathak / July 2020

Soft music, low lighting, a feeling of tranquility, by getting a full body massage then it is bliss. But what most people don’t know is that while you might be in a state of total r... Continue Reading

What It's Like to Get Your Eyebrow Pierced

What It's Like to Get Your Eyebrow Pierced

Eyebrows have become the center of attention and so Eyebrow Piercings are interesting.  Whereas certain types of face piercings are getting more accepted, eyebrow body piercing... Continue Reading

It’s time To Learn Eye Makeup Like A Pro

Seema Pathak / Jun 2020

Everyone has gorgeous eyes just to put some small effort you can put proper eye makeup and make your eyes talk. Learning how to do makeup is an art that has been, for thousands... Continue Reading

Different Options for Installing Your Weaves

Sanvi Mehta / Jun 20

Who don’t want voluminous, lengthy, and beautiful hair but everyone does not have that fortune. So if you want to have your dream hair then Human Hair Weave is the best option, also... Continue Reading

Summer Nail Art 2020

Rashmi Patidar / Jun 2020

Hello, summer, blue sky and ice cream! Nail art lovers can take your nail art to the next level. Summer colors are all about vibrant, rich and bold colors - take inspiration fro... Continue Reading

Don’t Work Hard.. It’s Time To Work Smart

Amrita Goswami / Jun 2020

Don’t Work Hard.. It’s Time To Work Smart You just not dream about success you have... Continue Reading