Tips for handling frizzy hair

Paul Watkins / Jan 2021

Silky and smooth hair feels like god’s grace, whereas frizzy hair makes your look unattractive or can say worst. Frizz is mainly a result of damage or dryness. It’s hard to ma... Continue Reading

How To Maintain Your Protective Hairstyle

John Smith / Dec 2020

Twist and braids are awesome.  Protective styling is a great way to protect your hair and make it lower maintenance. But in winters they need to be extra care. Also, you should ... Continue Reading

Biggest Hair Colour Mistake To Avoid

6 Biggest Hair Colour Mistake To Avoid

Has it happened to you too, that you did not get your favorite hair colour that you wanted? Or are you also regretting getting new hair color? Many of women try to colour their hair at ho... Continue Reading

Rock Your Life With Twisting Your Hair By Senegale...

Kamal Verma / Feb 2019

Protective hairstyle plays a vital role in our day to day life. It helps your hair away from being exposed to damaging agents such as the sun, heat, and constant manipulation.  While... Continue Reading

Get New Look With Ombre Hair Colour

Sakshi Tomer / Apr 2019

Ombre is fashioned hottest hair colour and is one of the biggest hair colour trends with no sign of stopping! You can have the ombre hair colour technique on short, medium or long length... Continue Reading

Hair Rebonding- Before; After And It's Procedure

Aushutosh Parashar / May 2020

Most women want straight or smooth hair. It looks good and glossy and is easy to maintain. While curly and wavy hair looks beautiful too, they need constant maintenance. Although a solid... Continue Reading