A Friendly Guide To Belly piercing

Nikita Khandelwal / Jan 2021

Belly piercing or naval piercing or can say belly button rings, are most famous piercing. It gets popularity in the ‘90s when it started gracing the bellies of pop artists like Chri... Continue Reading

Guide To Different Types Of Nose Piercing

Olive Bell / Jan 2021

Nose piercing is most common yet most popular piercing (except ear piercing which is on 1st position). Nose piercing entails puncturing a person’s nose cartilage so they can wear je... Continue Reading

Get Permanently Dramatic Eyes by Eyeliner Tattoo

Lilly Davis / Nov 2020

Want to look younger and more energetic try eyeliner tattoo. This treatment is not only for individuals who wear eyeliner daily but it is also perfect for people with thinning lash line.... Continue Reading

Different Styles Of Tattoo

Different Styles Of Tattoo

Tattoos are a part of our personality and creating tattoos is a unique design challenge. With a curved canvas and complex tools, these designs need to follow specific rules to look good i... Continue Reading

9 Ways To Prevent Fading Of New Tattoo

Mary Smith / Sep 2020

9 Ways To Prevent Fading Of New Tattoo After spending a huge amount to get a tattoo design etch... Continue Reading

What It's Like to Get Your Eyebrow Pierced

What It's Like to Get Your Eyebrow Pierced

Eyebrows have become the center of attention and so Eyebrow Piercings are interesting.  Whereas certain types of face piercings are getting more accepted, eyebrow body piercing... Continue Reading