Everything You Need to Know About Acrylic Nails

Marry James / Jul 2021

The acrylic nail gives a lovely, healthy look to fingertips. When you’re looking for a new way to get creative with your look, look no further than acrylic nails.  The acr... Continue Reading

Trip To Pedicure For Seniors

Max Smith / July 2021

When you enter In 50s your body needs more pampering. But many women avoid to take care of themselves. Feet are precious when we become old. If you don’t care them then your nais mi... Continue Reading

Difference Between Gel and Acrylic Nail Extensions

Emma Taylor / Jun 2021

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Ombre Nails- Blending Of Different Colors.

Lucas Gomez / Jun 2021

Ombre nails are for everyone with every nail shape. They can look fun, casual, childish but also professional and classy. You have to choose perfect combination as every other color shade... Continue Reading

Tips And Tricks To Make Manicure Last Longer

Kathie Matthews / May 2021

Your hands surely look stunning with perfectly glazed nail paint all over your nails. But the most annoying part is it doesn’t last long and starts chipping after a week. No on... Continue Reading

How To Get Rid From Fingernail Ridges

Johnny Murray / Apr 2021

Do your nails also tell you something?  They can tell you a lot when you look at them. Fingernail can give you valuable health warnings and signal the presence of serious disease. Bu... Continue Reading