Frank Sanchez / Sep 2021

Glass nails only ~look~ like they use actual glass. If you want to try which is different from all manicure than you can try Glass manicure. This nail polish trend out of South... Continue Reading

Halloween Nail Ideas 2021

Jeny White / Sep 2021

Halloween is about to come. You all done with your couple costume, lanterns, home décor themes etc. asking with your friend and family that what you are going to wear. We are full with lots of excitement. Why... Continue Reading

Almond Nails- Your Style Statement

Roma Watson / Sep 2021

Perfect shaped nails are always admirable. Choosing nail shape for your next mani, can be a task. As Round is classic, square is statement-making, and stiletto is daring but almond shaped... Continue Reading

Avoid These Mistake When You Applying Gel Polish

Jennifer Smith / Sep 2021

Gel manicure is last longer can last from two to three weeks. You don’t even have to go to the salon nowadays to get a proper gel manicure, as there are many professional DIY gel pr... Continue Reading

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails at Home

Patrick Wilson / Aug 2021

While scrolling down the Instagram, chances are you’ve seen dip powder nails at least once. The process is very satisfying to watch as it involves dipping your finger repeatedly int... Continue Reading

Squoval Nail- Gorgeous Shape Ever!

Akansha Bedi / Aug 2021

Girls try bold with fun nail shape that is Squoval shape! Yeah, it is considered as a best nail shape. It also gives you feminine look which will looks good on everyone! This universally... Continue Reading