Piercing- Cleaning and Caring

Honey Jenkins / May 2021

Piercing is always in trend. We’ve been getting pierced for centuries now.  It is an awesome way to express your style and your personality. Also piercing is no more restricted... Continue Reading

Best Shampoos for Thinning Hair

Nisha Patni / May 2021

Flat, lifeless and thin hair is really hard to manage. Moreover, you cannot style them as well and they just do not look good. While a bit of hair shedding is totally normal (the ave... Continue Reading

A Perfect Salon Receptionist

Teresa Bryant / May 2021

Salons are one of the go-to places for people who are looking for relaxation. People pamper themselves by getting haircuts, manicures or pedicures, dye jobs, and other treatments. They of... Continue Reading

Tips And Tricks To Make Manicure Last Longer

Kathie Matthews / May 2021

Your hands surely look stunning with perfectly glazed nail paint all over your nails. But the most annoying part is it doesn’t last long and starts chipping after a week. No on... Continue Reading

Cornrows- It’s More Than Just A Hairstyle

Ella Davis / May 2021

Cornrows are a fun way to wear natural hair. Cornrows or canerows are a neatly braided, flat plait which is originally from the Caribbean and Africa and gets its name from its appearance,... Continue Reading

Stress harms your health- Reduce It!! Simple Ways...

Alia Sharma / May 2021

Take a deep breath and relax. The ability to manage your stress is an important skill to have as stress can negatively impact a host of different areas in your life including work, relati... Continue Reading