Microblading: Make Brows That Fits On Your Face.

Vikras Parihar / Oct 2018

This is a fact that “beauty lies in the Eyebrow of the beholder”. “The perfect brow formed a delicate arch just over the brow bone. A particularly appealing feature was... Continue Reading

Thing You Should Know About Hair Gloss & Hair Glaz...

Naina Sharma / Oct 2018

Unnatural hair colors are the new norm. Practically anywhere you go in the city is guaranteed to have at least one person with dyed hair. Hair glaze & hair gloss make your hair look m... Continue Reading

Aromatherapy Manicure and Pedicure

Ankita Jain / Oct 2018

In Aromatherapy, manicures and pedicures are personalized, therapeutic, and the ultimate in luxury for your nails. The need to relive oneself from the daily stress and strain is fast beco... Continue Reading

Enjoy your new lashes with Eyelashes Extensions

Krishna Chandrayan

Having more time, fuller and prettier eyelashes is the desire of every woman. Because the eyes are the first stuff that anyone you fulfil for the first time notices inside you, you just d... Continue Reading

Tools & Equipment Needed In Nail Salon

Tony Watson / Oct 2018

Sometimes the most overwhelming tasks end up with every simple solution. Starting a nail technician basic task to complete is the tools & equipment which will be needed by a nail tech... Continue Reading


Roger Kelvin / Sept 2018

We all have been a fond of hair styles no matter what it is. Hairstyles impact our day-to-day life. It’s something no one can resist to have one. Of course, not everybody going to h... Continue Reading