How to Achieve and Unravel- Bantu Knots

Shane Matthews / Mar 2021

Having a long natural hair and wanted to give a new look? Try Bantu knots are for you. A 90s look making a hardcore fashion comeback—it’s certainly making waves lately! ... Continue Reading

Post Body Reaction After Leaving the Gym

Samar Bhagat / Mar 2021

People who are fitness freak they love to hit the gym but sometimes life happens and we can get a little off track. Family commitments pop up, sickness kicks in, or you get stuck wit... Continue Reading


Suzy Flores / Mar 2021

This is fact that you can never please every customer even if you are best at your work. You have to face unhappy customer and their complaints. Thus results will be benefited by your com... Continue Reading

Have a Wrinkle Free Neck With These Best Neck Crea...

Harold Gomez / Mar 2021

Many of us just focus in our face creams and products but what about your neck? Did you know your face cream is not for your neck creams? According to the dermatologist, neck creams are thicker than facial creams. Wh... Continue Reading

Know About Your Skin Type

Know About Your Skin Type

Your skin needs your time, pamper and care. And the very first step to give your skin full treatment is to know your skin type. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, as complex an... Continue Reading


Krishna Patel / Mar 2021

Waxing not only helps your skin with hair free but also makes your skin soft and smooth like silk. But it is not that easy task you have to be careful about it’s after and before ca... Continue Reading