Shikha Mittal


What are the differences between a Pompadour, Fade and Undercut Haircuts?

You feel a lot better after a good haircut. Fresh, clean, good looking. You know that feeling, right? Like you can get anything you want in your life! You feel so much better with a haircut than with a bad one — it’s that simple.

Having a good haircut reflects your personality and the kind of appearance that you want. This may be good but not all haircuts for men can be right for you. One of the important factors that a good haircut can do is to boost or enhance your self-esteem. Therefore Choosing the right hairstyle is just as important as choosing the right outfit to represent your personality.  If you do go to the barber for your haircut, they might ask you about what type of hair style you would like for your hair. There are many types of hairstyles for men, but in this post, we will explore the main differences between pompadour, fade and undercut haircuts.

Pompadour Haircuts

Pompadour haircuts are usually worn by guys who love attention-seeking haircuts. If you love voluminous & longer hairstyles you will love this cut. Although the styling process can be a bit difficult & hard as well as time-consuming, there are many different low-maintenance hairstyles

  • The Modern Pompadour

This is a modern take on the classic pompadour, with a more relaxed and edgy look. This is a more popular style today as you does not require as much combing and styling. What makes this style stand apart from the traditional look is the striking contrast between the short sides and long hair on top. You can incorporate fades, shaved details/patterns or undercuts to this style to add an edgier twist and make it unique.

  • The Classic Pompadour 

It features a more defined structure on top and longer sides. It has a fuller, more streamlined shape all around, which makes it very clean-cut. If you want to go full-out on the old-school vibes, make the pomp higher!

  • The Short Pompadour

The short pompadour is everywhere these days because it is relatively low maintenance and yet looks great. It’s a dapper look, and looks great in a suit.

Here are a couple of things you need to remember if you’ve given your hairdresser the green light: 

  1. The Pompadour works best with some-what straighter, fine hair 
  2. You need to make sure your hair is longer at the top and as short or long on the sides as you like 
  3. The pompadour looks on point when accompanied by a well-groomed beard

Fade Haircut

A fade haircut is one where the length of the hair gradually reduces until it has completely ‘faded away’. Although fades are sometimes worn by women, they tend to be more popular as a men’s haircut.

In order for a fade haircut to look good, you will need to make sure that you have a skilled barber to do the work for you. An uneven fade can make your haircut look wonky and will ruin your style. This is why most men are unable to perform fade haircuts on themselves. Mainly there are four types of fade haircut-

  • Low Fade

The low fade is a technique that tapers down the hair on the sides and back lower towards the ear and neckline. This haircut hair many types of low fades including a skin fade, taper fade, and a burst fade. 

  • High Fade

A high fade is quite an extreme look, with the blend sitting at the very top of the head. By contrast, a low fade is a much more subtle style, where the fade between lengths comes in an inch or so above the ears. This is what a main difference between both fades

  • Mid Fade

The mid fade offers much of the same look as the low fade, but starts in the middle of the sides. Sometimes called the medium fade, this cut is the middle ground between the conservative low fade and strong-contrast high fade. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cut, this may be your best choice.

  • Skin Fade

The skin fade haircut is a popular variation of the taper fade that can be mixed with a variety of styles, like long or short at the top, a quiff or a pompadour. This look is great for clients who want to stand out because of the contrast between the shaved sides and the length of the hair on the top. A skin fade begins from a total shave, with no hair at all, and gradually fades into the hair at the top of the head. Sometimes known as a razor or bald fade.


Whether your hair is curly or straight, an undercut lets you make a statement with what you’ve got. The Undercut is a stylish hairstyle in which the sides and back are detached from the hair to finish everything. The outcome is sharp points, clean lines, and heaps of volume. An Undercut cut can be cleared, slicked, and styled in an assortment of ways. An undercut hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants a look with more than one texture and/or is a little afraid of getting a buzz cut. So quite a lot of people covered there. Undercuts come in many different shapes and can be shaved to fit all kinds of different features and face shapes.