"If wealth is lost something is lost but health is lost everything is lost"

These words point out the importance of health in human life. In olden times men had to work hard physically to gain their food and other living means. This had provided them with enough physical exercises unknowingly. Thus, during that period the health condition of all people was in good condition. This is the reason as to why the men who lived in olden days had no illness or physical uneasiness. But nowadays the life of men is very easy on account of the development of science and related technologies. The currently prevailing conveniences enabled men to gain everything. This lazy life kept men away from the physical exercises required for their health and fitness

Therefore, exercise is extremely important to stay healthy both in body and mind. Being active can help a person continue to do things they enjoy and be independent as they age. Long-term physical activity increases the benefits of long-term health.

If we start concerning about our health than exercising, yoga, running jogging is the first step but do we give any importance to steam bath? If no then read on to learn more & clear the doubts about the steam bath.


The steam bath is just a room that is filled with hot steam for the purpose of cleaning and refreshing the body and for relaxation.


Glowing skin: Steam bath helps to remove the toxins and morbid material from the body especially from the skin. It increases circulation of blood in the skin and stimulates the nervous system. It is beneficial in chronic rheumatism, gout, and obesity. It also relieves chronic nephritis, tetanus, migraine, and infections.

Relaxation: Spending some time in steam rooms and sauna provides relief to your muscles and joints. It lowers the risk of stress, fibromyalgia or arthritis. It is also known to provide a speedy recovery to muscles from soreness

Provides relief to Sinus and congestion problems: Steam rooms can have therapeutic properties by thinning mucous which is common in the winters. People find it easier to cough out the phlegm after a steam bath. Steam rooms also clear up sinus passages and ease Eustachian tubes problems. 

Reduce acne: The heat thus also generated helps you to get rid of the fat deposited under the skin. For people with oily skin, it is an added benefit, because it reduces the chances of developing acne that is caused due to fat in the sebaceous glands.

Helps in weight loss: This regulates and stimulates the flow of blood and boosts your metabolism. Thus, it also aids in steam bath weight loss.

Treats cardiovascular diseases – When you’re in a steam bath, your body reacts to the heat and humidity in a similar way that it reacts to mild exercise. This gets your heart pumping, exercising the muscle without exhausting it, making it stronger without risking injury or disease

Encourages social interaction – Going to the steam bath can be a bonding experience with loved ones. Being social heightens your self-esteem and makes you more likely to live a healthy lifestyle

Post-workout relaxation: Muscles need to be relaxed and stretched after they are exercised in order to promote healthy recovery. When muscles are worked out, their tiny fibers break apart. When the fibers heal, the muscle gains mass and becomes stronger. This process is expedited by muscle relaxation, which occurs in response to a hot environment.

Person Can Use a Steam Bath:

Most healthy adults can take a weekly steam bath for routine cleansing and relaxation but may opt for one per day. Sometimes athletes and other fitness enthusiasts, take a steam bath before and after a workout. Those who have acne, sore muscles and joints, depression, anxiety and arthritis are among the bathers who may take up to two per day, unless a doctor advises otherwise.

For those under 13 or those over 65 years of age, take a weekly steam bath, unless your doctor recommends otherwise. Do not give an infant or toddler a steam bath without talking to a pediatrician first. If you are over 65 or have a physical disability, use an auxiliary aid or have someone to assist you in and out of the steam bath or bathtub if needed.

Key points to remember

If you want to get well experience then you should follow instruction:

Before taking a steam, it is important to be well hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids the night before and the day of the sauna. Bring water or juice and sip it throughout your session in the steam room. You can lose up to a pint of fluid in only 15 minutes in a sauna, so the infusion of liquids before, during and after the sauna to prevent dehydration and promote the flushing of toxins from your body is critical.

You'll also want to beware of germs... viruses and bacteria can thrive in the porous wooden benches found in saunas and moist corners of steam rooms and can even cause respiratory viral infections."Be sure to sit on a towel, wear flip-flops and steer clear of coughers," And please bring your own towels

Steam rooms are now mainly unisex; don’t come into the steam room naked. Even if you are in a single-sex steam room, please don’t come in naked. There really is no need. If you don’t want to wear trunks, then fine don’t, however, please have the decency to put a towel round your waist to protect your ‘modesty’

Take a Shower first. This will get rid of any bad body odor, bacteria, and sweat. You want to enter the sauna clean!

The sauna is a place to relax and sit, not to grunt and groan as you work out. DO NOT work out in the sauna. If you can't sit still, get out!

Don’t do Shaving in the steam bathroom. Now, this is unbelievable; some actually think its fine to bring a razor into the steam room and have a shave. Where do these people think the hair goes? It doesn’t matter how much hair you have, the hair still has to go somewhere. There is not ‘hair length’ related rule for this one.

Don’t stare at others, it’s still rude, even if (you think) they can’t see you.

Don’t bring your electronics in as not only will they be damaged by the heat and steam, but you'll annoy your fellow sauna-goers if you start chatting, texting, or playing games.

In short the most effective steam bathing process?

  1. Wear as little as possible.
  2. Don't eat beforehand; drink plenty of water.
  3. Process: Shower first, steam, cool down, then steam, then cool down.
  4. Pool temperature sequence: Warm, hot, cool.
  5. Steam for 10 to 15 minutes; bathe for 5 minutes.
  6. For dry sauna + steam bath: steam, cool, sauna, cool
  7. Finish off with a shower.

Bottom of the line

Comparatively, if you see, steam bath advantages overlook its minor disadvantages. You can surely relax and rejuvenate yourself once in every ten days by opting out for a steam bath procedure. After learning all the benefits of this procedure; you are surely not going to miss a chance to take it. Make full-fledged use of this wonderful facility provided by your health clubs and centers or salons and spas.