Shikha Mittal


MICROFEATHERING- Way to Achieve Attractive Eyebrows

Eyebrows are detrimental to framing/shaping the face and facial features as these are the single most important feature on your face which bring dramatic attention to your eyes, nose, lips, chin, and forehead whether they are perfectly shaped or not everyone blessed with perfect eyebrows but in today’s era there are many cosmetic treatment available for getting eyebrows as we desire from tinting and threading to microblading and microfeathering, the beauty industry has caught up with the demand for contemporary eyebrow treatments. 

What will be the feeling when you wake up with perfect brows? Whether you are in hurry you no need to focus on doing eyebrow. Yes this is not a dream this can be possible with Microfeathering treatment. Let’s know more about it.

So what is microfeathering? MICROFEATHERING is a semi-permanent tattoo that looks like individual hair-like strokes also called eyebrow feathering or feather-touch brows. These strokes are very fine and defined as this cosmetic technique uses a super-precise blade to create the beautiful illusion of fuller, fluffier brows with a light touch and a lot of patience, the micro feathering technique ensures that the eyebrows stay natural looking. This treatment requires a short procedure involving the creation of small incisions on the external-most layer of skin (the epidermis) and the administration of semi-permanent dye like microblading.

What are the difference between microblading and microfeathering? Both techniques are the great way for having finest eyebrow but the biggest difference between microblading and micro feathering is surface area. Typically, microblading covers the whole brow area to create fullness and shape, while micro feathering is more for those with naturally full brows that have sparse areas and just need some filling. People with alopecia or super-thin brows often get microblading so they don't have to constantly draw on their brows. The main goal with micro feathering technique is to really mimic the natural hair and its growth patterns to create a full, natural that it allows to see the natural growth pattern of the brow hair and the sparse areas that need to be filled. For 6-8 weeks prior to microfeathering, clients must avoid all forms of hair removal on their brow area, including tweezing, waxing and threading. /

What is the process of microfeathering? For microfeathering you need to grow your brows as much as possible to get the perfect and gorgeous brows. The very first thing you should tell them about your brow preferences on the basis of that your technician will deftly draw on and shape the outline of your brows so you can be certain that you’ll know what you’re getting and that you like the look. Then you can expect the procedure to begin with the application of a topical numbing cream. Now your technician (after assessing your unique hair growth patterns) mixes a custom pigment to match your exact eyebrow hair shade. The feathering technique is done with an actual tattoo machine. This machine pumps out the power and speed for the needle to create the hair-like strokes, these hair-like strokes of pigment don’t penetrate the skin as deeply as a conventional tattoo, which is why the end result is so realistic. The actual “feathering” portion of the cosmetic service generally takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours and consists of alternating precise cuts with application of the natural-toned dye. To sit relax and get your dream brows done.

Why microfeathering?  Feathering your eyebrows saves you a lot of time doing your makeup, which in itself is a statement; It is sweat proof and waterproof;  Microfeathering is a low-cost and low-risk way of getting your face to have the appearance you want, even though you’re making changes to your eyebrow; Creates full and even brows; You show self-care is in itself beautiful; Camouflage any scars and sparse areas; it can even built self-confidence; They are semi-permanent which allows you to adjust your brow shape as you age.

Is it painful? Pain tolerance varies from person to person. Eyebrow feathering isn’t a painful procedure; however numbing cream is applied prior to help with any feelings of discomfort. Some clients may feel a slight pressure which is normal.  It is highly recommended to avoid tattooing during a menstrual cycle because the skin can be hypersensitive. 

Who are suitable candidate and who are not? Clients have related the procedure with eyebrow threading, plucking multiple hairs at once, or a light scratching of the skin. Some are not suitable for this procedure like if you suffer from oily skin or use excessive active ingredient products, such as retinols and AHA, the pigment will not retain in your skin. Eyebrow feathering is also typically not encouraged during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

How long it will last? Microfeathering lasts for eight to 12 months, maximum. Factors such as sun exposure, some skin creams and lotions, ex-foliating treatments, medications / illnesses and many similar factors can affect fading of your tattooing.

What about aftercare? Aftercare is essential to get the best results and prevent infection. The most upkeep you’ll ever have to do with your brows is carried out in the first week following the procedure. All you need to do is make sure the skin around the eyebrows is kept dry and soothed with a calming shield of moisturizer. If you have a regular skin care routine, its best practice to avoid any active ingredients (e.g. salicylic acid) for 10 days before and after the feathering is done. Also avoid sweating for the first week after the session, meaning you’ll need to stay away from the gym, sports, heavy-duty housework, hot baths, saunas, or steam rooms, swimming, don’t wear makeup for a week after, don’t get any kind of peels or laser treatments or use any beauty products for ten days. Better to talk with technician for full instruction and you need to follow them positively.