Shikha Mittal


Have Hygiene And Cleaning In Your Salon

Hygiene and safety must be a priority in your beauty salon. You have to give attentions towards protocol to make sure the proper healthy environment in a hair salon. You have a duty of care towards your clients and employees. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi can easily grow and spread on your tools and equipment, which can cause infections and illness in your employees and clients. But even if your salon looks clean, that doesn’t mean it’s germ-free. Germs can easily spread between clients this way, and can cause infections that will make them very unlikely to come back to you. You have to follow proper sanitization check list to keep your salon safe and clean as you are available for customers and employees.

A clean, safe, sterile salon and station will set you apart from much of the competition. Determining goals, delegating duties and responsibilities, and promoting and maintaining your salon plays an important role in ascertaining the future of your business.

Make a healthy environment is not an easy task. You need to check out on daily purpose. You must have everything you need in your salon to maintain safe and hygienic working practices. Check you have the following, and check out this full salon hygiene range for more

  • Disinfectant for tools
  • Disinfectant jar
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand soap and sanitizer
  • Clean towels and paper towels
  • Antibacterial surface cleaner
  • Beauty couch roll or clean covers


The best thing to do is make hygiene a priority in the day-to-day running of your salon. You could have a salon hygiene checklist to remind the whole team of best practices and give training on the best ways to keep the salon clean.

Clean your hands

Cleaning hands reduces the risk of spreading virus and germs. It’s better to always wash your hands again and again. You must clean both your hands and your clients’ hands or feet. So that they will also feel that you are follow all the hygiene.


Sanitization should be a regular task to do in the salon. A basic level of decontamination for sanitation- reduces the number of harmful organisms to a safe level of. Sanitation simply means cleaning first by physically removing all visible debris, and then washing with liquid soap, detergents or antiseptics. An antiseptic is a sanitizing agent that can be applied to the skin and nails.

Disposable waste

Beauty salon safety checklist and regulations suggest the proper disposal of any kind of waste. The wasted material should be properly stored in a separate space until proper disposal.

Hair trashes

Cleaning up hair and trash, take time to wipe down surfaces. On an average day, workers should sweep up cut hair, fallen debris, and littered trash between serving each client. Splashed water and spilled products should be cleaned up as soon as possible. 

Cleaning couches and chair

It is very important to clean the salon furniture like chair and couches. The salon chair is made up of PVC and they are using alcohol-based cleaning products as they can damage and other seating places must be cleaned daily.  If a customer has a cut or scrape which is not covered by a plaster or bandage, precautions should be taken. Properly clean blood from surfaces to avoid any cross infections.

Tools, instruments and foot baths

Tools such as shears, combs, and clippers should be cleaned with soap and water and then submerged in registered disinfectant. Equipment such as foot baths and shampoo bowls should also be cleaned and disinfected.

Launder All Towels: 

Make sure all used towels, capes, and smocks are kept away from clean linens. All linens should be laundered in water that’s 160 degrees to kill viruses and bacteria.

After every client

Replace table towels; Dispose of vaporous items in a covered trash receptacle; Dispose of single-use items; Sanitize hard surfaces that clients may have come in contact with.

Always Have Proper Ventilation

Install proper ventilation over mixing stations; always keep your salon’s exhaust system on and place fans near open doors or windows to pull out air. Health and safety in a beauty salon only goes as far as your ventilation. This is an often-overlooked step that in the long term can lead to respiratory issues and even cancer. Salon treatments such as Brazilian blowouts often contain formaldehyde, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has certain guidelines to protect against exposure.

The laws regarding disinfectants vary from state to state; due to these restrictions we can only make suggestions. Please consult your local governing body regarding your national standards for disinfection.