Shikha Mittal


Halloween Nail Ideas 2021

Halloween is about to come. You all done with your couple costume, lanterns, home décor themes etc. asking with your friend and family that what you are going to wear. We are full with lots of excitement. Why not get more perfect and unique Halloween by changing one thing that is your nail. Have a great nail enhancement on this Halloween by take a scroll on Instagram, and pick your tips based on your skill level, your free time, or the talent of your favorite local nail professional.  Halloween manicure is the perfect finishing touch to any costume.

Here we gather some nail art ideas for you to make your nail more dramatic on this Halloween.

Web nail art


Update your usual spider-themed manicure by black and white accent nail into the mix. Spider web can be look beautiful at any nail shape and size. Choose your favorite nail shape and experiment this idea onto your nails.

Spiders and bats

Spiders aren't exactly cute, but somehow, this spooky Halloween nail art is totally adorable. Just like spiders you can ask your nail artist to make bats on your nails. These simple black matte bat nails are perfect for you, if extravagant nail designs aren’t really your thing.

Scary eyes

While this Halloween nail art might look complicated, all you really have to do is start by painting a one or two of polka dots will give scary eyes look. Isn’t it cool!

Pumpkin nail art

Halloween without pumpkin will never complete. Why not to give minimal pumpkin look to your nails. The best part is that it will still look fabulous and relevant whilst drinking a Pumpkin Spiced Latte and enjoying the autumn festivities.

Orange and black combo

These high gloss, ombre effect, orange and black nails are finished with a neat little tree detailing effect. This will create super season look.

Black and Red Mani

Black-and-red manicures are dark, mysterious, and dramatic in the best way. There's an endless number of color combinations you could experiment with black and red nail paint. You can make drop red color on black nails or you can just give red on base and black on top.          

Zombie Nails



Zombie nail art designs bring a spooky yet stylish factor to your nails.  Try a zombie nail art to take your style to mysterious levels. You can mix black, grey, and red color and make it something horrific.

Wicked Witches

No one horror story complete without wicked witch. Get a little spooky this Halloween by making this Wicked Witches Fingernail art that look so creepy and cool!

Sugar skeleton

This little ghost decal will definitely require the help of a pro as you need to draw sharp move for skeleton. But it’s bound to make for the coolest Halloween manicure. You can add many different bones to your nail.

Mushroom Nails

You can also try this manicure this year with all base coat of glittery black and one on glittery red. And create mushroom on it to give terrifying look.

Well Halloween just around the corner, you can start thinking about how you’re going to do your nails, and if you want to make your nails simple and elegant still you have an option. You can just apply nail extensions with only black or red color. Now get ready and do your shopping now for Halloween party and select your nail art idea so you can enhance you Halloween look more! Just find your own style and paint the nails the way it feels best.