Shikha Mittal


Check List To Get Ready For An Interview At Salon

Going for salon interview? Are you ready to get the job or still nervous? It’s a big task to impress salon owner during your interview. You have to show your best side to get wow from them. Before going you have to prepare for the interview for your leaving a lasting impression.

Salon interview is different from other interviews; they check your creativity and your way of presenting yourself. As in today era people all over the world are becoming increasingly conscious of their physical appearance. As a result, beauty therapy has grown to become a billion dollar industry. If you are applying for a job as a beautician, you need to find a way of standing out from the numerous candidates out there. Check out all the possible way to crack the salon interview.

Research about the company

If you rock up to an interview with only the tiniest knowledge of the company, they are not going to be impressed. Do your homework. Swot up on the organization, research their website, the services they offer, their mission statement, and get knowledge on hair and beauty trends in general. Try and get a real sense of the salon’s culture and values through their website and social media, as well as the salon itself. It’ll really demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion for the role and to work to work for that organization.


Prepare your Resume which should organize logically and typed neatly. Keep Pens and a notepad with you and one of the best tools you can use during your job search and salon interviews are your portfolio. It highlights your work and experience and shows a potential employer why you should be hired over someone else. It also gives current and future client’s confidence in your work and can help you build your reputation and credibility. So, have a portfolio with pictures of your work should show your skills while also letting the potential employer know you are organized.  Also keep a copy of your license and any other accreditations or certificates you’ve earned, if you have a creative side, include up to five photos of your nail art.  Photos of any other nail specialties

What to wear

The fact is, every salon has an image, and one of the ways it projects this image is through its employees. If you’re wondering how to dress for an interview at a salon, one of the most important steps you can take is to pay a secret visit to the salon so that you can replicate the look. After all, if you can dress the part, the interviewer is more likely to see you playing the part, too. Demonstrate attention to detail with your clothes, hair, nails, shoes and appropriate makeup. The potential employer may look at your clothes, makeup, and hair to see if you really care about that type of thing and to gauge your knowledge and skill. So have some fun and go all out.


Your resume is ready, your portfolio is looking good, and you have the perfect outfit picked out for your interview. Now make sure you reach on time. Check out the location of the interview the night before if you’re unsure of the exact location, and find out how long it will take to get there. Excuses never work in interview. Be sure to arrive 5 or 10 minutes early. This will help the employer know that you are professional and you mean business.

Being questioned

Now this is main phase of interview where your interviewer will want to see how well you can handle balancing all of these aspects of your personality to ultimately fit the needs of the client. As much as possible, you should try to balance your answers between what is best for the customer and what is best for the business.

Being a licensed barber stylist will always give you a leg up, but there are other things that can set you apart, such as, did you win a competition? Were you featured somewhere? Or are there reviews somewhere you can show off? A client comes in and asks for a style that you do not think will suit their face. How do you respond?  This question helps them to find out if you will prioritize their aesthetic over the customer's desires. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, these little things can show great work ethic and that you are eager to learn more. When you answer the interview questions, are excited about the topics and show the employer that you care about what you are talking about. Being prepared should assist in dispelling any nerves, but if you find yourself feeling shaky, try taking slow deep breaths and slowing down your speech. Also be aware of your body language. 

Asking your doubts

Here sometime interviewer may ask do you have any question. Then you must answer smartly. Prepare your questions before. Ask question which will related to your role for example how much time will I spend training? What type of room for advancement is there? What opportunities are there for growth within the salon? Here you can also grab the opportunity that you did your research on them, so reference what you have learned about them in your questions, this will show you have genuine interest.

Relax and take a deep breath. If you are on time for your interview, dressed well, and have a solid resume and portfolio in hand, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. You’re ready for this interview, so be confident. You've chosen a fun and exciting career path where you can let your personality and creativity shine.  Try to reassure yourself and get those nerves to dissipate. Speak naturally and most importantly, always remember to be yourself!