Shikha Mittal


Biggest Hair Colour Mistake To Avoid

Has it happened to you too, that you did not get your favorite hair colour that you wanted? Or are you also regretting getting new hair color? Many of women try to colour their hair at home but you know what experts are experts you can’t get the perfect results as you get on salons if you are new in this. Here are some major mistakes that you have been done, let’s check it out.

Applying dry shampoo before colouring the hair
Many people do not wash hair before colouring. In fact, many people are frequent users of dry shampoos. But let us tell you clearly that, when you use dry shampoo on your hair, your hair becomes oily after 5-6 hours. So, always wash your hair with normal shampoo and wash it with water. Dry shampoo will not work for it. Moreover, dry shampoo applies a layer of creamy texture on your hair which restricts colours to get into your hair strands. You should also keep in mind that you must use colour protecting shampoo and conditioner. If not them your hair colour hardly last for 3-4 months. To make your colour last longer always use a good brand which helps your hair get the protein back and protect the colour too. 

Also avoid shampoos with sulfates

The colour needs time to seep into the natural pigments of your hair so washing the hair would lift the colour right out. Avoid shampoos containing sulfates as this ingredient strips essential oils and colour from your hair, leaving it brittle and dry.

It is also recommended by the experts sleeping on a silk pillow, as they are 'gentle on your hair whilst you sleep, and adding a filter to your shower head. Filtered water can help make the hair and scalp less dry and therefore less prone to damage. 


Although the idea of dyeing your hair in a shade of sultry red or electric blue may sound appealing, do not try it at home. An attempt to dye your hair in such experimental shades at home might end up in a disaster. Either you won’t get the effect at all or you may go overboard with it. So, refrain from experimenting with shades when you are colouring your hair at home. Stick to safe shades.

Do not allow the color to remain for hours

You left hair colour for a long time. Many colours take time to develop. Therefore, if it is on your scalp for a long time, then the colour does not change much. However, what can happen is that you will just find yourself with redness or itchy scalp.

A soothing head massage followed by a purifying hair mask can help relieve the topical irritation. Also in this case if you kept the hair color for way longer period of time, then the color could appear ultra-dark. On a mean, 30-35 minutes maybe a blast to urge the desired result, and anything beyond required can make it look unnatural. Be prepared, that when the colour gets too dark and you are not a lover, professional assistance is going to be required to try to a color cleansing procedure. Bleaching hair reception also can go very wrong. Now it’s better to take professional help at this moment.

Over bleach

Over bleach can cause excessive damage to your hair. Avoid options for colors that might require bleach. If you have darker hair color then go for two to three tone lighter shades instead of directly going for blond colour.

Stain of haircolour on skin

Getting dye on your skin is, for the most part, annoying and unsightly, but in rare instances, it can cause serious skin irritation or allergies. Luckily, there are easy ways to remove dye stains on your skin. The sooner you can remove the hair dye from the skin, the better. You can also look for products with chemically exfoliating ingredients, such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These ingredients will help shed your stained skin cells and bring new ones to the surface.

Before you begin a colour service, its super important to wear gloves to avoid staining your hands and nails. Pro-tip is apply Vaseline around the hairline to stop the color from staining the skin. Just in case the skin does get stained post the color wash.


If, despite the precautions you’ve taken when applying the dye, you see something wrong with the final results, better head to your stylist to fix it. Even though you can correct the colour on your own thanks to various products available at the pharmacy, you may require a lot of skill to get rid of blue, green, orange or any other unwanted highlights. Let the professionals handle it!