Shikha Mittal


You Should Stop Making Common These Eyelash Curler Mistakes

Maybe you had an eyelash curler malfunction and pinched your eyelid. Or you’re one of those people that can’t handle objects getting too close to your eye. We’re here to tell you to try it. An eyelash curler makes a world of difference to your lashes, making them appear thicker and fuller without even using mascara! Your eyes will appear larger too which brings up the next level. Due to lack of knowledge many people doing lots of mistake while using eyelash curler. Here check out some of those mistakes and try to avoid it.

 You’re not using a good quality curler

Perfect eyelash gives you perfect eye. Before you get started, make sure you have the right tool for your style and routine. You may not know about what is the perfect eyelash curler for you. In market you have to choose curler according the size of your eyes. Different eyes works best with different shape of eyelash curlers- narrow or broad clipping region. Avoid choosing plastic and rubber ones because they are found to have a lesser grip than metallic ones. So opt for metal eyelash curler.

You are not prepare your skin

Any pro makeup artist suggests you that you should prep your skin first before applying any make up. This will help open the eyes and also to see the eye shape a bit better. If you’ve done a perfect under eye concealer or perfect liner, you wouldn’t want to risk smudging it with the lash tool

Apply aggressively pressure

Some of people apply heavy pressure on your eyelashes always put light pressure to the clamps while curling your sensitive eyelashes. Do not press too hard because it won’t help you to get perfect curve rather they can lead to breakage of your lashes. If you feel like you need to do this in order to curl your lashes, it may be time to think about buying a new eyelash curler.

Wrong position

Because of wrong position of your head you might face problem in using eyelash curler. Tilt your head back and rest your eyelashes between the cushioned eyelash curler clamps. Tilting your head will prevent you clamping down onto your eyelid skin which can be painful! Once you are happy that all your eyelashes are in the curler, squeeze shut and pump a few times. This will form the natural curl.

Using a curler after applying mascara

If we use a curler after applying mascara, our lashes can stick to the curler and some of them will inevitably be pulled out once we release the curler. That’s why it’s extremely important to curl the lashes before applying mascara.

Again and again you pinch the lid

Speaking of pinched lids, it can be tempting to try to keep something that clamps down a safe distance away from your eyes. But this tends to cause a visible crimp in the lash that won't result in a smooth curl. It is depend on how you hold it that makes the difference. "The best way to use the lash curler is to hold it close enough to the base without pulling on your eye or pinching the skin. If you're nervous, try bringing it right up against the base of the lash, then closing it gently one time to check the placement before you squeeze down.

You’re not heating your eyelash curler

You wouldn’t use a cold curling iron to curl your hair, and the same should hold true for your eyelash curler. Heating the pads of your eyelash curler before can further hold your curls in place. Heat the pads with a hairdryer and test the heat on the back of your hand.  This results in much longer-lasting curl.

You’re using a dirty eyelash curler.

Curling with dirty lashes can also cause old mascara to build up old on your eyelash curler over time. Every eyelash curler needs cleaning, not only to avoid mascara buildup tearing out your eyelashes, but also because it picks up bacteria, oils, and skin flakes from your eyelashes that can attract bacteria and eyelash mites. To avoid infections clean your eyelash curler. An unclean eyelash curler can also stop working as smoothly as intended, and that can cause functioning problems and further risks to your lashes.

Curling your lashes too often

Curling your lashes every single day can cause a lot of damage and even make your lashes fall out. Make sure to give your lashes time to breathe and recover from time to time.

Applying fake strip lashes before curling your eyelashes.

If you are a false eyelash user, it’s still beneficial to curl your real eyelashes before applying your falsies for a super-lush look and to avoid the odd appearance of two lash lines.

Eyelash curlers are pretty easy to use, but now you know what you’re doing in order to get satisfying results and avoid damaging your lashes. This is how you can avoid such silly mistakes and give a more dramatic look to the eyelashes.