What You Need To Know About Keratin Treatment

When it comes to question on our hair, we always so worried and possessive just because everybody loves their hair because a woman’s hair is the first most noticeable part of her beauty. It enhances her personality. It’s an important part of your appearance and sets the tone for your entire look. Like this straitening can also make your hair beautiful and give a glamorous look. Today there are many options you have for getting a perfectly straight, shiny & sleek look. For example keratin, smoothening, Japanese silk press etc. But here know more about keratin Treatment.

Why Keratin?

No wonder every other girl just loves the idea of straight and silky hair. And frizzy hair is hard to love. It’s not sleek and silky, it’s not curly and adorable and it’s not wavy and sexy. It’s just…frizzy! But you can do your frizzy hair to look shiny, smooth and lustrous through a keratin treatment. As it retains moisture: Your hair retains moisture after getting this treatment and thus looks no more dull. It helps to gets rid of split ends as frizzy hair can lead to split ends and your hair won't grow so keratin treatment can eliminate the frizziness and return the original shine to your hair and reduce curl pattern smoothing the hair.

How it’s done?

Process of keratin treatment will take roughly 3 hours to finish. Typically your hair is washed with multiple items of washing to clear it of any products. The final wash will be with a clarifying shampoo (Clarifying Shampoo is PH elevating to open the cuticle that will optimize the treatment effects). After towel drying, the stylist will blow dry the hair until it is completely dry (You will notice it’s hard to comb and that is normal (it show you the clarifying shampoo was effective) before coating it with the keratin solution. Stylist Comb and separate hair into 3 sections Left Right and Back. Start applying the treatment product from the bottom of Back section, about 1(one) centimetre from the root and stop half way from the hair shaft, then use a fine comb spreading the product evenly to the tips or your hair verify that the hair is evenly saturated and to remove access product. Then after Leaving the solution on the hair for 20 minutes, the next step is Blows-drying. Blow-dry the hair 100% using medium heat. He/she brush your hair to make it easier for the next step of flat ironing where you need to use small groups of hair, straight detangled hair makes it better and easier. The stylists will blow-dry your hair and flat irons it at 450 degrees. To straighten the hair in combination with a Heat resistance comb. Now your ends are smooth and straight & sealing the keratin into the cuticle.

What about chemicals?

Formaldehyde-Free Keratin: Formaldehyde is a carcinogen, and although the amount of formaldehyde released in a keratin treatment is small, you should avoid it. There's no such thing as a truly chemical-free hair-straightening treatment. For a keratin treatment to give you shiny, straighter, frizz-free hair for months, it must contain formalin or another chemical in the same family. Common "formaldehyde-free" products often contain glutaraldehyde, formal (a.k.a. oxalaldehyde — note the "aldehyde") and ammonium thioglycolate (the same chemical used in perms). It’s much better to seek formaldehyde-free treatments. They are not as brilliantly effective and long-lasting as the formaldehyde formulas, but they are much safer.

Are this treatment is safe?

Girls don’t worry. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein. The outer layer of your hair is made of keratin. Everybody's hair contains a different amount of keratin. When your hair is damaged, that means that the outer layer of keratin on your hair is damaged. After your treatment, your hair will be stronger and less prone to breakage. Keratin treatments seal in colour and moisture whilst providing a layer of protection. The side effects of chemicals used are far less as compared to other straightening therapies. Keratin is the most suggestive because unlike straightening, it restores the natural protein in your hair which is safe and successful. One of the keratin facts you weren’t aware of is that heat styling, different products and dyes cause our hair to lose its keratin. They weaken your hair follicles and make your hair coarse and overworked. Providing your hair with the adequate supply of keratin can rejuvenate your hair to its original youthful state, supplying the nutrition for its nourishment.

Is this is permanent or not?

Nope, this treatment is not permanent. It adds nourishment which eventually fades out after a couple of months. It will be last up to four to six months.

What point must be kept in mind?

  • Any treatment needs care. Similarly, when you get keratin treatment you have to careful with your new pin-straight hair for best results. You can't wash it or pull it up into a ponytail for at least three days while it sets. You can also totally forget about getting a perm or anything involving chemicals to restore your hair's natural waves. Any additional chemicals will only add to the damage, so you have to be prepared for the commitment to let it grow out. This treatment doesn't alter the structure of your hair completely as it in case of smoothening and straightening. The keratin-based treatment is expensive and needs expert hands. The procedure involves post-therapy maintenance for regular-touch which means regular salon visits. Yes, it involves a lot of after-care to avoid exhibiting a totally different structure when the hair grows. Also, the transformation doesn't last as long as straightening.
  • The use of a Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner is mandatory after the Kerafusion Keratin Treatment is performed, as sulfates tend to strip the treatment from the hair much quicker.
  • Shampooing the hair daily could cause the treatment to fade quickly and hence it is recommended to shampoo the hair only thrice a week. And also oiling the hair would create a build up in the hair and hence it is advised to restrict from frequently oiling the hair.
  • Do avoid keratin treatments if you are pregnant, have severely damaged hair from too much bleaching, bleached hair that's superfine, stick-straight hair or have slight waves you want to keep intact. Basically, if your hair can stand a 450-degree flat iron, it can handle this treatment.
  • Doing a keratin treatment yourself won’t give you custom results since at-home treatments don’t evaluate your individual hair type. At-home treatments tend to be less damaging, but also shorter lasting. For example, if you have a light hair colour, a salon professional can adjust the formula so that the tonality of your shade doesn’t change. If you decide to go with a stylist, schedule a consultation first so they can determine the appropriate formula for your hair.
  • Keratin Treatments are safe for all kinds of chemically treated hair  This means that this hair treatment could be safely used for hair that has been previously permed, straightened, relaxed, bleached, coloured or highlighted.
  • Limit your exposure to chlorine and saltwater as much as possible, and don’t colour your hair for at least two weeks after treatment. Of course, if you can, it’s best to colour your hair right before your keratin treatment, since the keratin locks in colour and makes it last much longer.
  • Some treatments, if done incorrectly by an inexperienced stylist can produce formaldehyde gas, as a result of heating the chemicals used to bind the keratin protein to the hair follicle, which can be harmful. So make sure you choose the best stylist who is very well expert in this field.
  • Did you know that there are actually many different types of keratin treatments out there? There is the Brazilian blowout treatment, the Keratin complex treatment and even a Strawberry Keratin treatment. So which one is best for you? Well, you'll have to do the research and also consult with your stylist in order to find the best Keratin treatment that will work for you!

Might be your mystery surrounding keratin treatments are solved after reading this. Get ready to remove frizziness from your hair & have a new you now. Keratin treatments are always the best option before you step into a salon for this type of treatment. Keratin treatments are the hottest thing in the world right now.