Shikha Mittal


What To Choose- Sugar Or Salt Body Scrub

Body treatments are amazing treat for your body. For longevity you must take care of your body. Body scrubs helps to open your skin's pores and removing the skin congestion. Due to variety of scrubs provided by spas many of us get confused which we should opt. A body scrub also called as body polish, removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation and cleanses skin through exfoliation. When you massage it over your body, its liquid base and exfoliating granules helps to slough off dead skin. This will leads to increase in blood circulation and drains your lymph nodes by increasing the blood flow to your skin’s surface. There are some scrubs abrasive enough to scrub skin but gentle enough to not damage it. Sugar, salt and walnut shell powder are popular exfoliating components in natural body scrubs as they are abrasive enough to scrub skin but gentle enough to not damage it.

How to use Body scrubs

It’s best to use a body scrub two to three times per week to keep your skin soft and smooth from head to toe. Here’s how to add one to your body care routine:

  • Use lukewarm water; allow it to run for 5-10 minutes to soften the skin
  • Pause running water and apply the scrub in circular motions; start at your feet and move upwards towards your heart to enhance circulation
  • Maintain gentle pressure (don’t scrub too hard!)
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Apply your favorite body oil or lotionwhile your skin is still slightly damp.

Body scrubs are really beneficial to your skin because they exfoliate and soften it. But the type of scrub you use, sugar or salt, can really make a difference. People often ask sugar scrubs or salt scrubs: which is better for their skin. Let’s read on to know all about sugar and salt scrub and get all the confusions clear.

Sugar Scrub

Exfoliating with a sugar scrub can help create the appearance of smoother, glowing skin. Sugar scrubs brighten tired, dull-looking skin to promote healthy, smooth, and flawless skin. It also fights skin aging in a natural way. Sugar granules are rounder and less abrasive than salt, making them a gentler exfoliant. Sugar scrubs are an awesome option–especially for those who prefer a much less-abrasive scrub. Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid that, when used on skin, breaks down the bonding agents that hold skin cells together, spurring cell turnover and creating younger looking, softer skin. Glycolic acid is also used to treat sun damaged skin also sugar breaks down layers of dead skin and smooth’s the skin’s surface. It also speeds up rehydration, keeping skin conditioned and moisturized. For this reason, sugar scrubs are a fantastic pick for dry and dehydrated types. 

 Salt Scrub

Sea salt, derived from evaporated seawater, is also chock full of minerals beneficial to the skin. When mixed with olive, almond or rosehip oil, salt can breathe new life into tired skin. Salt scrubs work the same way that sugar scrubs do, in the sense that they work to physically buff away dead skin cells. Salt scrubs are considered the rougher of the two granular substances. It can help clear out larger particles from the skin that is grittier. It is best to use a salt scrub on feet and elbows. These are places on your body that tend to have the toughest skin to get through. If you do have sensitive skin salt scrub is not recommended. 

Difference between Salt and Sugar scrub

  • Sugar granules are softer on your skin more gentle whereas salt granules are rougher and exfoliate more vigorously.
  • Sugar scrubs can be sticky but salt scrubs are not. They remain free of stickiness
  • Sugar scrubs dissolve rapidly when it comes in contact with the warm water during rinse. But in case of salt scrub it will also dissolve during the rinse but it take more effort.
  • Deep sea salt has 16 different minerals, which helps with cleansing and healing skin nutrients. But in sugar scrub there will be no mineral qualities.
  • Sugar scrub can be used all over the body including face. Because of the abrasive quality of salt, salt scrub can’t be used on face or delicate or sensitive areas of body.

Whether you opt for a sugar- or salt-based scrub will also depend on how often you incorporate other exfoliating practices into your daily skincare habits. You can absolutely mix salt and sugar for a scrub.  If you can't decide between the benefits of salt scrub vs. sugar scrub, mix them for the benefits of both.