Want to look Chic in Corporate Word? Follow these Styling Tips

There’s that great adage, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have”. Although it may sound undeniably fascinating but it can get further as scary at an equivalent time. Do you remember The Devil Wears Prada where Andy got taken a lot more seriously the moment she changed her wardrobe? Unlike Andy, most of us do not have access to the extremely well-dressed fairy godmother, i.e. Vogue fashion closet. 

Dressing much similar to your boss clearly indicates that you are looking forward in your career. It even shows that you are attempting to have a more executive presence or “the wow factor” that makes one stand out from their competition. One of the leading economists, Sylvia Ann Hewlett says “appearance is the most important facets of executive presence. It can get you knocked off the list in a second.”   

How can one dress for the corporate world and still look chic?

#1 Invest in something that can give you a lot of mileage
The Founder and Creative Director of AELLA, Eunice Cho clearly reveals how to invest in a classic wardrobe staple. Choose from a season-neutral trouser to a blazer, or pencil skirt. Stick to black, navy and gray that goes with almost everything. For instance, if you have a nice pair of black pants, wear them with an ivory blouse and boucle jacket to get a very Chanel-inspired office look. You can even wear the same pair of pants with an easy white T-shirt and a colored blazer to get a slightly more relaxed look.

#2 Tailoring everything
Tailoring things can completely make a world of difference, said Cho. Perhaps it is the best alternative to buy reasonably-priced staples. If you want to nip in a jacket at the waist or slim down the legs of an overly baggy pant, hem length on garments, tailoring is worth considering. Shoulders or collars on jackets, crotches on pants are certain things which cannot be tailored.

#3 Wear statement jewelry pieces
Other than clothing a fabulous piece of jewelry can catch everyone’s eye. It does not necessarily require to be big, blingy, costume-jewelry- kind- neck piece. It could just be a strand of pearls, be it fake or real. Basically, it’s about choosing something that’s quite accessible and budget friendly.

#4 High heels
Most of you choose flats but when it’s about making a lasting impact. It’s time for heels baby! It may quite interest you to know that women that seem taller turn out to be more assertive, competent, successful, independent, confident and even more intelligent than their shorter peers.

Tall is not better than short (I’m a petite woman and proud of it), but the illusion of tall can be a benefit. It’s just that you need to buy shoes and clothing that support that illusion.

#5 Be careful with your style choices
The brand of the clothing you choose will soon become a style statement and people working or socializing with you will soon pick up cues about your aspiration. If you carry a brand, then it becomes a part of yours—by association.