Shikha Mittal


Trip To Pedicure For Seniors

When you enter In 50s your body needs more pampering. But many women avoid to take care of themselves. Feet are precious when we become old. If you don’t care them then your nais might thick with lots of cuticles layers. Every woman should indulge in this inexpensive treat and enjoy the selection on process especially since there are now many ways to give you a nice pedicure.  And beautify them with different glittery, shimmery, metallic even jewel-encrusted versions of your favorite nail color polish.

Benefits of getting pedicure in 50s

Infection detection: In this age fungus infection sin nails are common. A nail artist might be able to detect fungal infections or bunions early, so you can deal with them before they become an issue.

Increase in blood circulation: Pedicure helps to increase in blood circulation and relived all the tensions in the calves and feet which also help to distribute heat throughout the body.

Relaxing: A good pedicure can be very relaxing. It helps you relieve stress and can be therapeutic

Refresh your skin: Pedicure helps to removing dead skin, smoothing wrinkles, and stimulating collagen production in the skin.

How to take care of your feet at home

Keep it clean

Don’t ever ignore your feet while taking a bath. If you can’t help on your own and need help from others then you can washed your feet once in a while during the week. You must make a simple regular habit to wash your feet or wipe down with warm water, soap and wipe it with cloth will do great changes. Foot cleaning may need to happen outside of the bath or shower like preventing fungal, viral,bacterial infections and even it can promote better sleep and make your body relaxed.

Moisturized feet

A pedicure includes soaks in warm water and massages with oils and lotions that help preserve the moisture and integrity of your feet. At home Foot lotions should be applied after feet have been thoroughly washed and dried. That locks in moisture and helps keep skin soft and supple. If you want most moisturizing process you can put a pair of cotton shock. It will be more beneficial when you wear shocks overnight.

Trim nails

Overgrown nails will give you pain so keep your nails trim. Trim your nails by your own or find local nail care clinics that specialize in caring for senior feet.

Wear comfortable footwear

Always wear shoes or slippers. To avoid slips, never walk indoors in bare feet, socks or tights. Wear shoes that fit well. High-sided shoes with low heels, thin soles and a good grip are a good choice. 

Apply nail oils 

Use recommended nail oil on a regular basis. It helps you avoid nail cuticles and hangnails that can cause extreme pain. The temptation to pick the skin around them is natural but applying nail oil instead saves you from a lot of pain.

How pedicurist do your pedicure

Nail technicians have to be a lot more careful in handling the skin of elders

  • They proide you a comfortable chair
  • Soak your feet for 10 minutes in lukewarm water and soak.
  • She will pat your feet and dry thoroughly in between the areas of your toes.
  • Cut or trim your nails. She will avoid nail technicians and podiatrists] have to be a lot more careful in handling the skin. In fact she will clip the nails straight across, from one end to the other.
  • Next is to filing your nails move it in one direction only, then lift it up and bring it back to the starting point. She will file any rough or sharp edges of the toenails.
  • She will rub a sloughing lotion on the bottom of the feet. Then will apply cuticle softener to the toenail cuticles. She will not pushing back the cuticle as it will leads to infection.
  • It’s time to enjoy your massage. She will do Light massage in an upward motion, working toward the heart. Massaging the feet regularly helps improve circulation.
  • Now she will apply nail polish remover to a cotton ball. After apply a single layer of a clear base coat to the toenails she will swipe two layer of nail polish and finish it with a single layer of top coat.

Points to remember

First check your feet by podiatrists and get clearance to take a pedicure. It is recommended If you notice any redness, swelling or ingrown toenails.