Make your nails perfect little that would make even a queen jealous. Must try Gel manicure, it is a relatively new trend. There is nothing like a fresh coat of nail polish to help you look, even better being able to flaunt those beautiful nails for 2-3 weeks. This manicure is best recommended for working professionals who have to be groomed all the time. It is a time-saving service.

Gel manicure is a type of manicure treatment which makes use of a gel polish to apply on the nails for better, natural looking and shining nails. These gel polishes are similar to the regular nail polish to be applied with three coats, i.e. a base coat, the main coat, and a top or the final coat. However, in Gel manicure technique the nails are exposed to Ultra-violet light after application of each gel nail coat, so as to dry the gel polish. This process is called as curing which lasts for about half a minute to one minute.

Benefits of gel manicure:

Aside from looking gorgeous, there are many reasons people wear gel nails:

  • Once your manicure is complete it is completely dry immediately. You can go straight out, get changed, go swimming, or root around in your bag….
  • To stop biting nails
  • To protect nails from wear and tear
  • The mirror-like shine that lasts throughout your manicure
  • No chipping or cracking. Freshly painted nails look so good but even the best polishes can chip within hours of application.
  • For a manicure that will last longer than a few days (when going on holiday for example)
  • For nail art. Nail art is easier with gel nails as you can force each layer to completely dry immediately with the LED lamp making it easy to create effects or apply glitter, stickers or overlays.  You can also swirl colours together more easily.
  • The huge range of colours. Gel polish is such a phenomenon now that there are so many colours available. Even better – you can mix colours together to create bespoke shades – just mix on a bit of foil; the polish won’t dry up as it is gel - then cure as normal. 


There are two types of gels used in the process of Gel manicure that is Hard Gel & Soft Gel. They include:

Hard Gels: These are named as a hard gel because once they are cured; they get tough enough to be made into a nail extension or the artificial nails developed by using a nail product for extending the nail past the edge of the original or the natural nail.

Soft Gels: These are the gel products which are quite soft for creating a nail extension. The gel polishes and the thicker gels meant for gel overlay services are included under the category of soft gels.

It must be remembered that all kinds of gels used as gel polishes in gel manicure come in varied colours. So, you can have your colorful gel nails which look shiny and natural when done by the expert professionals at a nail care salon.



The main procedure of applying Gel nails is starting by applying a thin base coat of nail polish and allow it to try for twice as long as usual. Next, apply 2 thin layers of colour and cure each layer under a UV lamp for 2-3 minutes. Then apply your top gel and cure it under a UV light for 2-3 minutes. But the fact is applying a gel manicure is not so easy to do. Anyone can’t do them! Gel nails are easy to learn, but hard to master". Therefore find out the perfect nail salon & get the proper gel manicure.


  • Gel polish is not like nail polish, they don’t just come off with a swipe of nail polish remover. The reason gel nails get such a bad rep is that the average person doesn’t know how to correctly remove them and, therefore, it can seem like they stick to your nails like concrete. The key: If your gel nails were applied in the salon, return to the salon to have them removed. A professional will always remove the product best, as they were trained how to do it properly.
  • Nails with gels on them can become dry, so it’s important to use cuticle oil on your nails EVERY DAY. Cuticle oil will keep your nails moisturized and supple to prevent dryness and cracking.
  • Many people assume the UV bulbs in nail lamps are the same as the ones in tanning beds. But there is a significant difference in the wavelengths of the two, and it’s easy to see the difference: Sitting in a tanning bed for 15 minutes will cause the pigmentation of your skin to change (tan); that never happens with a UV light for nails, no matter how long you sit under it.


The best part of gel nail is the length of time it will stay fresh on your nails. And if you’re looking for the long-lasting manicure without going the acrylic route, Gel Manicure may be just what you’re looking for to pull your look together effortlessly.