Shikha Mittal


Tips for handling frizzy hair

Silky and smooth hair feels like god’s grace, whereas frizzy hair makes your look unattractive or can say worst. Frizz is mainly a result of damage or dryness. It’s hard to manage with them.  There are many caused by which your silky hair converts into frizz. For instance due to climate, pollution, lack of moisture, not to be pampered and lots more. These make your hair look frizzy.

When the outer layer of your hair (cuticle) is raised because of dehydration or damage then this leads frizzy hair. Ruffled and damaged cuticles cannot lock in the moisture needed to keep hair strength, elasticity, and integrity. Moisture-deprived hair absorbs water from humid air. The porous exterior surface of the hair strand allows moisture from the atmosphere to pass through, causing the hair strands to swell or bend, creating a frizzy look.

Let’s have a look to know what are the main reasons of being your hair frizz?


Environment affects the most on our hair especially in rainforest-like conditions. That’s because humidity disrupts the hair’s internal hydrogen bonds, causing curls to shrink, frizz, and lose their definition. Level of humidity changes which make hair more dull and frizzy. As it loses its smoothness, shine as well as texture.


Yes, humidity effect the dryness of hair but also the effect is different of every hair type when they exposed to humidity. Generally because of lack of humidity, curly hairs are dry as it lacks protective oils that provide a barrier against humidity. All moisture is suck up by dry hair and it turns frizzy. Naturally dry, delicate hair can be inherited. Therefore genetics is also can be a reason of frizzy.


Damaged hair also leads to frizz because the hair's internal structure is weakened and it's unable to hold onto moisture properly. Heat, UV rays, and even friction from combing and brushing all make hair weaker and more prone to becoming frizzy.  If you really want to eliminate frizzy hair, you need to repair the damage that has occurred first. If you repair dry damaged hair, the dryness you're experiencing will mostly disappear along with the damage. If dry damaged hair is repaired the dryness and freeze will be disappear.

Tips for preventing frizzy hair and make it silky and smooth hair:

Don’t wash daily

Nothing feels great that having wash hair but some people loves to wash their hair regularly. Just stop it! Over cleansing leads to dryness to your hair and the natural oil will be removed. According to experts, for normal to dry hair, wash twice a week, don’t use hot water for rinse your hair instead use mild water and try to use sulfate free shampoo.

Hair cut is the key

Notify your stylist that your hair tends to get frizzy and work out a cut that will allow for easy care and maintenance. If your stylist doesn’t seem to know about cuts for curly, wavy or frizzy hair, it might be time to seek out a new chair.

Blow drying

Fine hair is easily damaged, and damaged hair is more prone to frizz – so preventing further heat trauma is key to maintaining a smooth, healthy style. How you dry your hair makes a real difference so don’t over-dry it. By using a lightweight product and then blow-drying your hair on the lowest heat setting, optimal frizz control can be achieved.

Microfiber towel

Rubbing hair dry with the fluffy cotton kind towel will only roughs up the cuticle, which makes it more prone to the frizzes once it dries. Instead, gently squeeze out the excess water from the hair dry with a thin microfiber towel.

Comb in shower

Don’t ever comb your hair until its completely dry that’s the rule that everyone knows but If you have curly hair then detangle your curls while washing with conditioner Combing in the shower rather than once your hair is dry will ensure your curls maintain their pattern.

Brushing it in a proper way

Plastic comb will ruin the cuticles of hair. Type of hair brush is very important to choose. And also avoid excessive hair brushing as it stretches hair strands, and your hair suffer from brakeage this will lead frizzy appearance.

Keep your hands away from your hair

Avoid touching your hair constantly keep distance from them. Because these cause friction and form tighter and stubborn curl pattern which leads to frizz.

Silk pillow

Silk pillow is best to sleep because Silk does not absorb oils from hair, and the smooth, soft texture prevents friction. Cotton will extract all natural oils and damage your hair.

Less use of heating tools

Tools such as hair dryer, straightener, hot rollers, curling irons are harsh on natural hair. Try to use to occasionally and if you are suffering from frizz them totally avoid it.  When a flat iron or hair dryer is a must, use a silicone-based serum beforehand to protect hair from the heat and control frizz.


If you’re going to spend an entire day under the sun, protect your hair like you would your skin. There are some hair products that contain SPF, but a cute hat does the trick too. 

These are some basic tips to avoid frizz and to make your hair more silky and smooth. Still if you facing the problem of damaged hair, consult with your hairdresser or stylist. They will lead you a better way to handle your hair. Keratin hair treatment, Brazilian blowout and Hair Botox are some salon treatment which will help to achieve straight, smooth, and easy to style hair.