Shikha Mittal


Stop Believing These Myths About Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are super fun hairstyle which cannot be achieved in some days. It takes time.  As it grown always popularity among men and women or youngsters and elders, also they lured by the many gorgeous hairstyles you can pull off with a healthy head of locks that’s why this become all-time favorite hairdo. They're high-maintenance at first, so you should know what you're getting into. But it will be easy if you follow proper procedure to maintain your locks well. Many of you may hear a lot of scary stories of having dreads being rumored by family and friends. Here clear all your doubts myths or misconception about dreadlocks and have successful dreadlocks ahead.

Dirty Dreadlocks

This is the most common myth about the dreadlocks that what people have in their mind. Mind it- dreadlocks are only dirty when you don’t take care of them and wash them. Not washing dreadlocks is the best way to ruin dreadlocks. Remember Greasy hair will not knot up, so you should wash your dreadlocks at least once a week. Young dreads can be washed every day, while more mature dreads are dense and need time to dry. About 2-3 days between washings in order to prevent mold.

Because of Dreads, lice make their home in hair

While it is possible to get lice, but they are preventable by applying tea tree oil to the dreads and scalp. And regular cleaning can avoid having lice.

Dreads belongs to Black people

Throughout history, locks have been spotted in many cultures and religions. Though locks have an important place in Black culture, it cannot be said that it belongs to any specific group. 

Simply not combing your hair is the only way to get nice dreads.

 This too is untrue. Not combing hair is the ‘Neglect’ method of creating dreads and this will only work for African type hair. However, the results are not always chic. You want good dreads; you’ve got to work hard for them. There are many other methods that are natural, such as Backcombing, Twist and Rip, Twist and Pin, Twisting, Dread Braiding, and Brush Rubbing.

Dreadlocks cause damage to the hair and the scalp.

Your hair and scalp are not damaged by dreadlocks because the hair starts to form the dreads at least an inch away from the scalp. Dreadlocks do not cause undue strain on the hair; in fact, they actually help protect the hair from the elements.

Dreads not belongs to professionals

Many people portrayed especially for women that she should have silky straight hair, even if that’s not its natural state. It should be obvious that the way a person styles their hair or even dresses, is not an indication of their skill set, and ultimately their ability to do their job. This is one of the misconceptions about dreadlocks that have forced many to trim their locks in fear of unemployment.

Dreadlocks are not temporary

Most people see dreads as a permanent hairstyle and believe that you have to shave your head to go to other hairstyles. Although it may be more difficult to remove dreads it is entirely possible if the correct techniques are utilized.

Wax is not a natural deadlocking product.

No, totally not agreed with this point. Wax is probably the most natural product you can use on dreadlocks. It comes from bees that are from nature.

Avoid conditioner

Many people also have this myth because they have fear that conditioners loosen locks. As shampoos lift dirt, toxins, and buildup along with the necessary oils our hair needs, you need to condition the hair to soften and replenish it. Unfortunately, many hairstylists don’t want to add conditioner in fear that it will disturb a style or loosen locks, but conditioner is necessary.

No variety in styling

This is also not true. People having locks can have a variety of hairstyle and they can always look different from crowd. Your will not lose the freedom of loose hair. You can opt your favorite hairstyle like bun, updo, curls, bangs and many more.

Have you clear all about your misconception about dreadlocks. Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and rock those dreads like no tomorrow!