Shikha Mittal


Say Yes To Hair Extensions

Are you not genetically gifted? Or want a quick solution for your hair or have to attend a close relative wedding but have only 1-2 week left? Don’t worry you are at the right place?

Is there any solution for this? Yes there is, with hair extension you can do this with maximum 2-3 hrs. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of hair extension.

Before getting into benefits let us first understand about hair extension

What is hair extension?

Hair extensions are also known as artificial hair Integration. They are used to add your hair good length, volume and color. They can be glued, clipped or sew-in on natural hair.

If you take good care of them they will last around four to eight weeks. The only types of hair extension that last for 1 year are clips in hair extension.

The best part of hair extension is it can cost you nearly no damage with showing very less difference with natural hair.

Benefits of Hair extension

Artificial Length

We all know the pain of handling long hair, nourishing them, washing them for long time to maintain a healthy length and the worst part is despite doing all this this you end up growing damaged hair due to bad genes.

Now with hair extension you can fulfill your dream of having long hair. They take nearly no time, lasts longer, and are easy to maintain.

Add Volumes to your hair

Due to some reasons such as increasing pollution, stress, using chemical products and hormonal imbalance you may experience hair fall. It is very difficult to recover them with natural solution adding to that it will take a lot of time and effort but with hair extension we can achieve this in every short span of time. With length you can also get thickness of hair and get a volume you always wanted. We make sure to use the highest quality hair in the industry that is designed to help any hair type reach their hair goals of adding the perfect thickness that is long lasting!


This is another reason why hair extensions are a great fit! We all know that coloring directly on hair can damage health of our hair meanwhile experimenting specific colors can’t suit us and sometimes they suit us but fade with time but when you can try on hair extension of a different color, then there is absolutely no reason to worry! And guess what, you can try different styles of coloring as well!

Styling you hair

No one like attending parties, weddings with same style, everyone wants to have different hair style with different occasion.  But once you have hair extensions, you can create any look from any magazine or like any celebrity. Leave them open, or tie them up, feel the mood of your hair with hair extensions!


We all know procedures such as coloring, perming and straightening can damage the hair, and some damage can be irreversible. Choosing hair extensions means you can still experiment with hair lengths, styles and colors without damaging their hair. 

Haircut regret

We all have that one horror story of going into a hair appointment and asking for a little trim off the ends, and coming out with a brand new un-asked for pixie cut. It happens to the best of us. The good thing about hair extensions is that it can easily fix this problem. 

Make your day special

For special occasions (how many brides opt for hair extensions to create gorgeous locks on their wedding day?) hair extensions are hard to beat. Easy to style, they’re a wonderful way to add a degree of sex appeal to your big day or evening out.

Low maintenance

Hair extensions are how low maintenance they are! Unlike your real hair, hair extensions only need to get washed every 10-14 days. The only time they pick up smell is around heavy smoke or strong smelling food. Other than that, washing them is fast, easy and rare!

Points to be remember:

When you get hair extensions, you need to ensure you take good care of them. And you also need to make sure that the hair extensions you get are good for your hair. Choose the right – and lightweight hair extensions so that they don’t pull at your hair, weakening and breaking them. For proper hair and hair extension care, you need to have a daily brushing routine, proper hydration and use natural products that don’t contain any drying chemicals. When you go to have hair extensions attached, opt for an expert who’s known for hair extension knowledge for best results. After putting on the hair extensions, it is advised to get a hair trim done to ensure it all looks natural.