Shikha Mittal


Rock Your Life With Twisting Your Hair By Senegalese Twists

Protective hairstyle plays a vital role in our day to day life. It helps your hair away from being exposed to damaging agents such as the sun, heat, and constant manipulation.  While the Protective braids are beautiful, but why not add a little twist to your life? Twists are an alternative to braids. You must try Senegalese twists. Senegalese twists are also beautiful to wear.  The Senegalese twist is one of the most beloved African hairstyles worn by women all around the world. These versatile braids are also known as ‘rope twists’ and are among the protective hairstyles that black women have available. Also in addition to their shielding properties, you will definitely love this. The results you get a stunning hairstyle. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is natural or relaxed. The style of braiding looks great on both hair textures and it won’t cost a bundle. 

Senegalese twists are essentially two-stranded twists done with hair extensions to add length and volume. The extensions can be added to the head with one-inch braids before the twists begin, or they can be attached using the twisting technique from the very beginning. And to add a touch of excitement, you can add highlights and character to your twists by using different hair extension colors.  


Twist can go up or down and can be pulled into a lot of crazy styles. –

Moderately Cheap: Installation of Senegalese twist is very cheap & affordable. It all depends on how long you want it and how thick you want the twists to be. 

Not Painful: With weaves and tight braids you could be in headache mode for around three days, with these twists you only feel the pressure of your hair on your head. It takes two days for you to get used to the heavy feeling, but after that you are golden.

Protect Natural Hair: Senegalese twists are a good option to retain hair length is because your hair is not constantly being manipulated. Each time you comb, style or touch your hair it has the potential to break off. When your hair is braided it gets a break from being manipulated enabling it to retain more length than if you were styling it daily.

Time: It can take up to nine hours in a chair for you to get a full head of twists installed. It takes a long time, but it is worth it in the end. 

Edges: The braids can be heavy and they can really pull on your edges. If you have weak edges, twists could really damage them. 
Not Long-Lasting: The braids take forever to install and uninstall, but they can fall out as soon as one month afterward. 

Maintenance of Senegalese twists

Washing Schedule: It depends on the hair you get. You may not be able to wash it. Washing can make the braids frizzy and unrecognizable. Consult with your stylist. The easiest way to do this is to pour a small amount of shampoo in a spray bottle and dilute it with water. Spray the mixture onto your scalp, and use the pads of your fingers to remove build up. You must wash your braids once a week. Don’t use creamy conditioners on your braids because they may cause build up and cause knotting at the base of your braids. Light oils (coconut, olive, or peppermint, for instance) are very beneficial to keep your scalp healthy and your hair moisturized; but be sure to use hot oil, to keep your braids looking stunning. Use a small amount of leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized, but not too much so the hair doesn’t become too slippery. Try to sleep with a silk scarf tied around your braids. After you have had them in for a few weeks, you can cut them even shorter for a chic look. let’s move on to styling!

Check out how you can wear Senegalese Twist in just different way:

This Senegalese Twist is in demand with an asymmetrical top knot and two simple braids, this dramatic indigo blue style will catch everyone attention. For women who aren’t afraid to be a little bold, it’s exactly what needed. 

This hairstyle makes you feel like you go to the ancient period. It will be made by professionals & a required a lot of thread work done.

High bun style is dramatic in its height and the twists emphasize the movement of the hair into the bun. To create this look you start with a ponytail and split it in two that wrap them in alternating directions around the base and secure. The result is a high bun on the crown of the head.

Grey hair is the hottest trend of spring and summer! Are you bold enough to try this hair hue? Grey hair won’t make you instantly look middle-aged, we promise! Style your grey twists into a high ponytail. Wrap few twists around the hair elastic to hide it.

Ombre is one of the hot looks right now for any hairstyle. The addition of the different color downward to create longer Senegalese Twist gives the Ombre effect. This effect will make any other styling of the twists take on a different appearance.

Ponytail twist couldn’t be more surprising with the endless surprising way of styling them like this gorgeous ponytail. Get some fashionable brunette & blond colours for your piece for an instant face brightening effect. This will give you chic look you can carry anywhere.