Shikha Mittal


Pro in Applying Every Type of Foundation

Foundation is something which is like magic wand for every woman. Thankfully today there are numbers of foundation available for each skin texture or color tone. Nowadays the formulas we have in stores are extremely good that they not only leave your skin looking even more healthy and beautiful even they can protect you throughout the day with SPF, prevent getting fine lines, add moisture and help improve your skin texture.

Still due to lack of education, most of people apply foundation in wrong way.  Before you purchase foundation for your skin, make sure you must focus on the consistency you would like to apply on your skin. By this we mean whether you want a powder foundation either a liquid one or whether sticks work for you. Also, note that they differ when it comes to their application.

Getting that flawless base you have to clean your face first. Restore balance to your skin using a toner or micellar water. Then go ahead with your favorite moisturizer (according to your skin). Apply eye cream to hydrate your under eye cream to brighten, lift and add a nice extra glow. You may also want to add a primer before applying foundation (ofcourse depending on your skin type), to make sure certain areas are balanced and prepared for the rest of the day. 

Liquid foundation

For liquid foundation it is best to use an egg-shaped sponge: The tool helps apply foundation evenly, For best results, first wet the sponge before dipping it into makeup. Begin by tapping product from the middle of the face, by the nose, and then move outwards toward the hairline. Move sponge from the inside out. That’s how you got more makeup in the center of your face. Next move to tap the product on between the eyebrows, then move upwards to the forehead.  Then tap foundation on the chin and along the jawline. For longer-lasting color, put product on the lips too. To keep foundation in place for hours, apply a setting powder using a small fluffy brush. Tap the powder onto any shiny spots on the face. Complete the look with larger fluffy brush to stipple on more powder, then blend, blend, blend!

Serum foundation

Serum foundation’s application may be a bit different from traditional foundations. For starters, you may have noticed that most are packaged in a glass bottle or jar with a traditional serum dropper. Serum foundation is the perfect beauty base for summer! If you have Oily skin then serum foundation might be your formula of choice is because it works well for your skin. Serum foundation is so lightweight and acts on you as a second skin. This is why you need to use a buffing brush for a product like this. It helps you buff the product into the skin to create an airbrushed effect. So if you want an even coverage, swirl the brush over your face to blend the foundation.

Cream foundation

Cream foundations go on as a soft cream and blend into your skin for a flawless, hydrated finish. When working with creamy foundations, a duo fibre brush will help to achieve a flawless result. If you're not in the mood for brushes, applying and blending using your fingers will work well too. However, be wary if you’re using them in humid weather since they can crease easily. They are definitely not recommended for those with oily skin.

Stick foundation

Stick foundations are easier to work with mainly because of their compact packaging. They are best for those in-between touch-ups when your schedule is jam-packed. Also, out of all the types, this is a double-duty product because it also acts as concealer for under eyes and blemishes because of its thicker consistency. Dab some on that zit and you will be good to go. Be sure when you reuse stick, it must be clean. Or if it is dirty clean it with the tissue.

Powder Foundation

They’re super easy to apply, lightweight (perfect to be worn under a mask), and soak up any excess oil your skin may have. Typically available in a compact case, it is a quick on-the-go fix. To apply powder foundation, grab a large powder brush and lightly twist it into the foundation. Tap off the excess by gently tapping the brush handle over the product with your finger a few times. Then, swipe the product onto your face in large, circular strokes. Repeat this process until you've achieved the coverage you want. 

Cushion foundation

Combine the convenience of powder foundations and the finish and coverage of liquid foundations. The foundation in cushion foundations cannot be thick or heavy it is one of the easiest to use as it provides buildable coverage, and is a bit runny and lightweight to even pass through the sponge. . It is also perfect for foundation beginners who are still unsure of how to apply foundation flawlessly. You don’t even have to know any specific tips or tricks about how to put on foundation, simply take the sponge applicator out, gently pat it against the foundation-soaked sponge and tap away!