Shikha Mittal


Perfect Nail Brush For Perfect Manicure

Every professional Nail Artist knows the importance of choosing the right brush. Nail brushes are the missing link in your nail design and maintenance regimen. A good brush is a quick and easy way for achieving great designs and effect from  a gel and acrylic manicure. It should have good quality bristles - cut in a precise way, thick and compact obviously. The brush, if taken care of properly, should serve you for many years. This should make picking the right brush an easier task. As we know Nail brushes are commonly used for nail art, a form of decorating the nail surface with truly unique patterns and colors. These are incredibly soft brushes that are small enough to precisely mark small areas on the nail for art. Nail brushes are also excellent for applying treatments to the nail surface.

Today we will show you a number of brushes and discuss their features and differences and how they work at different methods.

Detailer Brush:

Detailed nail art is often quite intricate and ultra-difficult to paint on your nails. Mainly it works for giving detailing to your design. This brush has flat composition & short bristles. Its use for drawing delicate flowers as well as the petal of the flower can easily fill with the color.

Stripping Brush:

The striper brush is used to create intricate long vertical or horizontal lines. The width of the desired line is determined by the amount of paint applied to the bristle. This brush has round shape and pointed tip with the long bristles. The Adoree Nail Art's skinny brush also great for this.

Angular Brush:

When it comes to creating one-stroke looks like a French manicure or simple color blocking, the angled brush can help create crisp edges and corners of a design. This type of brush also has flat, short length brush. Pick up a small (¼- to ¹/8-inch) angled brush at your local art supply store.

Cleaner Brush:

Nobody is perfect, and we all mess up our art. The cleaner brush is used to clean the straggling nail polish that leaks around your fingers when you are creating the nail art.

Crooked Brush:

Crooked brush is short in length and has uneven bristles. There is an angular tip and its position is such that it is most suitable for adding highlights. You may also be used for outlining very long nails. This is one of the advanced brushes and may not be found in all standard nail paint brushes box.

Shader Brush:

You can easily understand its function by its name. It is used for given perfect shading to your nail art.  The shader brush allows you to shade very impeccable designs over your fingers. The shades you can use with the shader brush will increase the elegance and beauty of your nail art. This type of brush has short with the square end point and it uses for filling the background and painting.

Liner Brush: 

This type of brush has short length, round point and it uses for the outlining of images.

Fan Brush:

This brush is one of the most multi-functional brushes ever. With the help of a fan brush, anyone can easily create ombre effects, different stroked patterns; also apply glitter to your design as well as get rid of excess glitter off your nail – all using same brush. Just imagine- how many nail art ideas you can pull off with a single brush! In case you still do not have it – it is high time you rush to the store to get one and try it!

Dotter Brush:

If you want to paint then this is the brush which works for it. This brush has flat composition & short bristles. Its use for drawing delicate flowers as well as the petal of the flower can easily fill with the color. Dotting tool usually has 2 different-size heads. Just dip it in the nail polish while planning carefully on how thick your dot is gonna be. Adoree Nail Art has a very thin brush, so you can paint whatever easily.

Round Brush:

This brush help in making 3D nail art using monomer and normal acrylic powder. It has a wide array of uses and is an absolute must for anyone who intends to create the intricate designs. You can get Multiple strokes and patterns may be recreated with this and one does not need to have a very high skill to be able to use this one.

Flat Nail Brush:

Flat brushes are also different-sized, but their primary purpose is to create one-stroked patterns mostly. Sometimes they can be used for the creation of a solid color coat on the nails, but in most cases, they are used to create different-shaded patters, mostly floral one, which is easy to come up with when you have such a brush at hand.

Ultimately you will know and learn which brush suits your manicure. That is why there are so many available; you are all individuals and will love different brushes. Choose those that get the job done and are comfortable for you.