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Magnetic eyelashes- style for everyone.

False eyelashes always bring dramatic eyes. Every girls has desire to have large lashes for that stand out looks. Applying mascara cannot complete this desire as it doesn't quite hit the right spot. In that case, a pair of false lashes works well to chase away your woes. Be it a case of dramatic eyes or just bigger lashes with sharp brows, false eyelashes are what you need to stock up. 

Many ladies are fading up by applying false eyelashes just because of its applying technique. But not to worry ladies here you have a solution. Try magnetic eyelashes. Maximum volume and length in seconds—Magnetic Lashes make the dream a reality.  This will give you natural look with fuller and bigger eye lashes and more important feature that is NO GLUE REQUIRE. You can just easily put on your lashes and here you go!

Magnetic Lashes are false eyelashes made of high-quality synthetic hair with integrated mini magnets. The false lashes are so light they can hardly be felt when attached to your natural lashes. The Magnetic Lashes are perfect for creating long, lifted, voluminous lashes in seconds, adding a special, glamorous touch to any makeup look.

Features of Magnetic Eyelashes

Natural look-  magnetic lashes are a great alternative means of giving yourself incredibly lashes that you'll want to flaunt all night long with no more artificial look.

Takes minimum time- You can apply them in a matter of seconds, applying them to both your top and bottom lashes. They are held in place by magnets, giving you that picture perfect look in the blink of an eye! They are particularly useful for those of you with sensitive eyes and find mascara a little too much.

Easy to apply- Very convenient to use, put on the eyelash within seconds. As long as the lashes are handled with care it can be re used. Tips to take care of lashes

No glue required- The new designed magnetic eyelash won't cause irritation to your eyes or cause damage to your natural eye lashes

So light- For weightless wear. For short or long lashes.  

Reusable- You can reuse with proper care. Easy touch removal gives these lashes longevity.-

Safety- Like most things in the beauty world, magnetic lashes are safe in moderation. Experts have said the magnetic eyeliner lashes appear to be safer than those that squish your natural lashes between two magnetic lashes. Regardless, take both lash versions off at night before going to bed.

How to apply:

If you want a more natural look, it recommends that you trim your eyelashes. Once you trim your fake lashes, they will fit better. 1. First, it’s better to curl your eyelashes and applying mascara to give your eyelashes more grip. 2. Lay the Upper Magnetic Lash across the top of your lash line. 3. Place the Under Magnetic Lash from the tray and place it underneath your natural lash line. Thanks to the magnets, they will lock in place. 4. Customize your lashes by trimming the ends to fit your desired length.

How to remove:

Magnetic eyelashes will not ruin your natural eyelashes. However, you can ruin your natural lashes if you’re not careful during the removal process. Pulling fake lashes in the straight direction isn’t recommended because you will ruin them. Use your index finger and thumb in order to slide apart the fake eyelashes. Everything you do for the first time seems complicated and hard to apply or remove, especially eyelashes.

If this is your first time using magnetic lashes, don’t worry. It takes time and practice to apply and take them off. Shift them between your fingers until you feel the magnets come apart. After, pull them away gently and store them someplace safe and clean for later use.

Some magnetic lashes come with a container for further use. If you bought a pair with one, you should always store them and make sure they’re not exposed to bacteria. If you take good care of them, magnetic lashes will take good care of your eyes and lashes too.


It’s not forbidden and bad for your eyes to sleep with magnetic lashes, it’s still not recommended. Nasty things might occur if you don’t remove the makeup from your false lashes and magnetic eyelashes. For example, if you’re not removing your mascara properly, you can end up with “corneal erosions” or “follicular conjunctivitis.”

For lashes applied with eyeliner only, cut the lashes in half to make them easier to navigate.

Did you know that you can get up to approx. 30 uses of your magnetic lashes? It’s true! Just make sure that you remove them properly and take care of them so that they last. 

Best Magnetic Eyelashes available in market:

Ardell magnetic lashes

Ardell offers some of the most affordable magnetic lashes on the market Makeup artists, beauty editors, and consumers alike love Ardell’s line-up of false lashes for being affordable, natural-looking, and easy-to-apply; this magnetic option from the brand checks all of those same boxes. There are eight mini magnets, strategically placed so that the lashes lay seamlessly flat along your lash line and blend in perfectly, but still offer a dramatic pop.

Luxe Magnetic Opulent Accent Lashes

This sandwich-style set is great for beginners just getting used to the product, because it comes with a non-magnetic applicator that helps make putting them on a breeze. 

Magnetise Magnetic Mia Lashes

Find strip lashes too fiddly? These magnetic eyelashes are the answer.

They blend in seamlessly with the natural lash and just enhance your look, offering more curves and a thicker look.

Instead of coming with eyeliner, these lashes have two rows for each eye, with you natural lashes sitting sandwiched between them. Easy peasy.

Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner & Lure Lash Kit

Another great option for beginners, the liner is formulated with iron oxide, which helps the magnetic strip fully adhere. Apply a thin strip to your upper lash line and once dried, go straight in with your lashes. Experts say because these lashes are supported by your lids, they’re gentler and kinder to skin. 

Vassoul Dual Magnetic Eyelashes

This sandwich-style set of magnetic lashes comes with a curved wand for easy application, but it recommends brushing your natural lashes with mascara first to make the process easier. Then, once the lashes are in place, apply another coat of mascara to the top and bottom strips to reinforce the hold.


Even if you're used to applying adhesive lashes, the technique of applying the magnetic style is quite different. Once you get the hang of it though, you may never go back to the glue. Alright beauties, now that you know exactly how to apply and remove your magnetic lashes the right way, you can basically call yourself a professional.