Listen To Your Skin And Choose The Oil Accordingly!

In the never-ending quest beauty products, it's always advisable to get a recommendation from a trusted pal rather than scanning through thousands of online paid reviews. In the following post, I will be blabbing on and on to you about my obsession with face oils and how they have aided me to attain as well as maintain a clear, flawless, obsession- worthy complexion.

Before we proceed further let me be very clear about two things:

First, I have my own cosmetic line

Second, I haven't been paid or influenced to suggest anything in these posts. These are just things I love or have discovered that I wanted to share.

Now essential oils can make incredible changes to your skin. The potent regenerative properties help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, normalize oil, balance PH, and renew dull complexions but it all depends on which one you choose. Unfortunately, getting to the truth isn't all that easy as most beauty-related concerns turn out to be a matter of trial and error. So, I finally decided to get to the bottom of the oil debate once and for all.

The secret is finding which ones work for you because like any skin product, different types have different functions. But the question is how?

For oily skin...

First of all, oil doesn't cause acne breakouts especially if you are using the right ones. One needs to opt for oils that are rich in linoleic acid, such as grapeseed oil, rosehip oil or evening primrose oil. Linoleic acid is basically an omega-6 fatty acid providing a quick absorbing moisture without any greasiness. Astringent oils, such as grapefruit oil or cypress oil is another great option to consider. It simply contracts and tightens the skin tissue while reducing all the excess amount of oil.

For dry skin...

Since most of the beauty products provide tons of much-needed moisture, dry skin can benefit from pretty much any kind of oil. Isn't that great! According to numerous beauty aficionado and my personal experience, the ones rich in oleic acid such as sweet almond, olive, or avocado oils turn out to be more hydrating and effective. Other skin-healing oils like neroli, rosewood, and evening primrose could also benefit dry skin type.

For sensitive skin...

Oils can be a bit tricky to figure out especially if your skin is super sensitive. Oxidized citrus oils and warming essential oils can aggravate temperamental skin. That's not to say these oils are off limits, though; which means you need to be more careful while experimenting. However, these oils can be a beautiful addition if diluted appropriately under safety guidelines. For example, using bergamot under 0.4 percent, lemon under two percent, or grapefruit under four percent.

For natural beauty...

Having a normal skin type is what everyone is obsessed with, including me. With the just right balance of oil, the complexion can be typically unblemished & smooth. There are plenty of great brands that offer 100 percent natural essential oils and blends. If you are one of these unicorns, I applaud you!