Shikha Mittal


Let’s Understand Various Types Of Pedicure

Everyone loves to have that flawless foot! It’s always said that summer is the season where your foot needs an extra care, but even winter can spoil the beauty of your foot. Hiding those cracks and unfinished nails? Fret not, there is always a solution for everything and here it goes!

Pedicure is the best luxury treatment which you can give to your lovely feet. There are numerous benefits of pedicure for example by doing a pedicure if there are any dead skins cells are removed. It is removed by doing a foot scrub and this will make the nails look clean and tidy, Relives stress through massage and relives one from aches and pains. . Helps remove sunburns and tan on hands and moisturizes the feet, also it gives your nail shape...etc... Hence there are so many benefits which you can get from Pedi and at salon there are different types of pedicure that you can treat your feet. Then you must also learn what the different pedicure options available to you are

Regular pedicure

Classic Pedicure

Classic pedicure is just basic pedicure the process is Shape the nails and cuticle area, slough the feet and/or legs, massage calves and feet, and finish with an invigorating peppermint-type lotion. This is the standard treatment pretty much all salons and spas offer. Classic pedicures include a warm foot soak and a foot scrubbing with either a pumice stone or foot file followed by clipping of the nails, shaping of the nails, your cuticles being pushed back, a short foot and calf massage, moisturizer and nail polish (if desired). This option is good for people who are looking for regular foot and toenail maintenance like callus removal without much fuss or pampering. Basic pedicures include all nail details and your choice of polish.  Pedicure includes “Callus Remover” for those dry heels.

French Pedicure

French pedicure or regular pedicure is basically the combination of the light pink base and the white smile line makes your toenails look clean and elegant. As it is a popular type of manicure. . This fashion appearance is quite versatile and goes well with a variety of different settings, including parties, gyms, offices, special events, and virtually anywhere else you can think of. The look of a French manicure is so natural that some people may not even be able to tell that the fingernails are painted.

Gel Pedicure

Hardened, reinforced nail plate, a durable colour that will not fade or turn yellow, no chipping, no scratches and that amazing shine! Professional gel polish pedicure has only advantages. The most important is the fact that for three weeks the nails look like they've been painted jus an hour ago. In a gel pedicure, the same method and standard is used as a normal pedicure. What makes it special and different however is the UV light that is used to help cure the gel or nail paint after each coating. This prevents chipping and helps the results last longer.

Rose Pedicure

This delightful pedicure will nourish and moisturize your feet leaving them feeling soft and as delicate as rose petals. Treat your toes to the power of the rose. Rose petal and essential oils help soothe your mood and smooth your skin. This pedicure will help leave your feet as soft and as delicate as rose petals

Ice Cream Pedicure

This is quite rare an unusual type of pedicure. During this sweet procedure, artist uses ice cream. At first, your feet are soaked in warm water together with ice cream. After soaking, feet are scrubbed also with ice cream. You can choose flavour and aroma you like best. Essence of this procedure is a therapeutic effect of cold.

Hot stone pedicure

A hot stone pedicure is by far one of the most stress-relieving pedicures you can choose.  These pedicures can reduce fatigue and increase energy levels, as well as help you relax and soothe your nerves. The heat from the stones can relieve muscle tension and encourages circulation in your lower extremities. This type of pedicure includes standard pedicure procedure and other feet nourishing procedures. After Standard manicure there goes feet scrubbing and feet mask. After that, your feet are wrapped into warm towel and they are kept like this for several minutes. Then goes relaxing feet massage with warm stones and aromatic oils. It helps to relieve pain in your legs and feet and the stones also increase circulation to the lower legs and feet. The treatment concludes with your choice of polish or buffing.

Waterless Pedicure

A waterless manicure is exactly what it sounds like. The only difference is that you don't soak your feet at any point during the service. Instead of soaking leaving skin water logged, your feet are sanitized and then wrapped in hot steamed towels, toe nails will be shortened and shaped, cuticles will be pushed back and cared for, calluses reduced and smoothed. We professionals use a gentle sugar scrub to exfoliate dry dull skin and then wrap with a hot steamed towel. Then finish the pedicure with a relaxing foot massage, they end the service with your choice of regular polish or upgrade to the very popular Rockstar toes service.

Athletic Pedicure

People who do regularly exercise then this type of foot treatment may just be for them. This type of pedicure specially made for sporty and athletic clientele. Active and sporty people often experience more foot problems including athlete’s foot. They usually have thicker calluses, blisters, and nail injuries. These feet are usually treated the same way as a regular pedicure. However, pedicurist is more careful with your feet because you may have more foot issues compared to the standard client. An athletic pedicure uses foot soak and lotion to help soften your feet followed by a reflexology to ease your strained muscles.

Margarita Pedicure

It is similar to a classic pedicure, except this one also includes a soaking session in water with fresh lime, followed by a lime salt scrub and exfoliation. The feet are then moisturized and massaged with a lime-based massage oil and lime-scented moisturizer.

Paraffin Pedicure

This delightful treatment is designed to moisturize and soften your skin while providing therapeutic heat for sore and aching joints. Paraffin treatments are other popular types of pedicures and manicures. During a paraffin pedicure, the feet are covered with several layers of melted paraffin wax after a thick moisturizer is applied. The feet can either be dipped into the wax, or the wax can be brushed onto the feet with a brush. After the wax dries, it is peeled away from the feet. A paraffin pedicure is known for being very moisturizing, and people with very dry feet will often benefit from them.

Mini Pedicure

The mini pedicure is fast, quick and inexpensive. Because of the term “mini,” the pedicure does not contain the massage or exfoliation to the feet. Unknowingly, women usually give themselves mini pedicures at home because the mini pedicure is simply removing the polish, filing the nails and re-polishing the toes.

Wine Pedicure

Wine pedicure, as the name suggests, is a type of pedicure in which you’re tired feet are soaked in wine and then scrubbed with a moisturizing and hydrating product. The procedure for wine pedicure is more or less similar to the regular pedicure; however, the main highlight of this pedicure is wine.