Shikha Mittal


How You Can Build Your Salon Clientele

No customer no business. As businesses need money to survive. To make money, businesses need customers. Ideally these customers are happy, tell their friends about you and keep coming back. Therefore a salon business is to have a well-established client base. And so to be successful in the hair and beauty industry, you need to be constantly bringing in a steady stream of new clients.

Targeted Audience To Build Your Clientele

You can’t grow your business if you don’t know enough about the industry. It’s important for you to be ahead of the curve with regard to hot styles and trends in barbering and men’s grooming. You’ll also want to understand how seasons, holidays, and even overall economics, could impact your business. If you want to advertise and promote your services, you need to understand the really big picture of style and fashion. Once you understand the market, you can choose when and how to offer discounts and special promotions. These discounts and promotions will help you build salon clientele.

Use Social Marketing

Customers will want to do some research before they decide to come in. Make sure you have somewhere they can get the information they need. You can use Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Website, and other options. 

Visibility Of Your Salon

Locating new clients can get competitive, and time isn’t necessarily on your side, so following up with an online prospect requires digital dexterity and sufficient staffing for client-relationship management. If you are not clearly visible when people in your area are doing this today you are missing out on a big opportunity to get more people to your salon.

Communication With Clients Of Your Salon

A large part of your overall customer satisfaction level is derived from the first impression you give your customers when they contact you. You need to have the necessary processes in place to handle your customers’ queries quickly and efficiently. Encourage your receptionist to be friendly by immediately greeting your client by their name with a warm hello and a smile before asking to take their coat and directing them to take a seat. Once the stylist or therapist has been notified of their client’s arrival, it is also extremely important to update your client professionally if the stylist is behind schedule or will be over shortly. Once your client is seated, offer hospitality such as refreshments and magazines. These simple acts are extremely effective in ensuring that your client feels they have been given an attentive service from the offset.

Express Your Gratitude

When you benefit from clients, it is always advisable to show your gratitude in your way. This helps in building a personalized relationship... Thank them for whatever little they have done to your salon. Even a small gesture goes a long way to maintaining the relationship.

Use Best Online Salon Appointment Booking

Many people prefer to book their appointments online. At the same time, many salons spend costly hours every week to manually administrate appointments. It's time to need to change. To get more customers, more business opportunities concluding with more revenues. You need to get good salon software that can manage your bookings online and in fact take care of many parts of your salon business.  However, this will work only when you run the salon business professionally and systematically with the help of beauty salon appointment software. Salon software is a revolutionary apparatus that helps to automate key business operations, control the business fully, and generate more revenues every day.

Get Feedback

If your client isn’t openly offering feedback, ask for it. This will show your client that you care about the quality work and if they’re happy or not. That you’re committed and exceeding expectations – that you’re dedicated to the job. It also shows that you’re open to learning and growing as a professional, which will make them more likely to expand the scope of your work in the future. In turn, when your client asks for feedback on their management skills or processes (this is a sign of a great client), present any ideas you have for them. The more you can improve their processes and save you time and them money, the more they will trust you.

Get Touched With Old Clients

Maintain a list of all clients. Call customers who haven't used your services in several months to reconnect and potentially get a client back. Send thank you notes periodically to your clients for a personalized touch.