Shikha Mittal


How To Stop Negative Gossip At Your Salon

Gossiping in the office brings employees closer and makes them more co-operative, a study has claimed. But this is also true that Gossiping is the first step of negativity in your salon environment. "Spreading negative gossip about someone does entail an element of risk," Ellwardt said. "It's important that the gossip can trust the person receiving the information to handle the information discreetly and not to spread it further," she added. Gossiping is about personal talks in a professional environment. Workplace gossip is a form of informal communication among colleagues focused on the private, personal and sensitive affairs of others. Individuals who are perceived to engage in gossiping regularly are seen as having less social power and being less liked. The type of gossip being exchanged also affects likeability, whereby those who engage in negative gossip are less liked than those who engage in positive gossip.

It’s a fact that when client or customers enter into your salon they want a friendly atmosphere but when this friendly atmosphere is converted into the gossiping atmosphere then the impression will be negative on your client. Action must be taken for avoiding such type of unprofessionalism in your workplace environment.  “Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love”. By Don Miguel Ruiz. When this action applied in your salon business then you can avoid the subject of workplace gossip. Let’s know how can you remove such type of negativity in our business atmosphere.

Let’s know some negative consequences of gossip at your salon:

  • Slowly decline of morality & trust
  • A client got frustrated and they have a negative impression towards your salon
  • Unprofessionalism
  • Unexpected turnover and loss of good talent who left due to the toxic work environment.
  • The decline of work productivity as gossip wasting precious working time
  • Targeted person efficiency goes down
  • Increased anxiety among employees as rumors circulate without any clear information as to what is fact and what isn’t,
  • Growing divisiveness among employees as people “take sides,"
  • Hurt feelings and reputations,

Try to avoid these consequences will be better for your salon business.

Check out what are steps you can take to stop gossiping:

Be an example for others

Show your team how they can avoid gossiping by set examples of yourself. Stop listening. Politely excuse yourself from the situation (As gossip loses power when it loses listeners); By changing the subject smoothly or by never repeat anything that shouldn’t be repeated. Thus they can see what to do to keep themselves away from gossips.

Address the specific executioner of gossip

As an owner or manager firstly do with gossip is- listen to what they’re gossiping about. A good leader can nip gossip in the bud by quelling rumors and addressing unwanted behaviors with team members individually and as a group. Check the key gossipers one-on-one. Do this privately or confidentially so that you can know each person thinking. Then show them the impact of the humor spread by him and what consequences of what will happen if their bad behavior continues.  If a teammate makes a negative statement, ask them what makes them think so. Put the points of view on the table and ensure that they do not feel the need to discuss the issue at hand and spread their negativity outside the meeting room. For you, it is important to do this quickly, up front, in order to keep harmony within the office environment and productivity running smoothly.

Talk to your staff

When you feel that gossiping goes in a negative direction then check what issue is going on. After this talk to your whole staff and clear the misunderstanding or tell them the impact of their misbehavior. And mainly tell them the difference between positive gossiping and negative gossiping. How they can avoid negative gossiping like If there is gossip at your place of work, let it stop with you.  Don’t trust personal information with coworkers. Remember, if they are gossiping about others, they will gossip about you, too. Don’t give them ammunition. Choose your friends wisely at work. Don’t be afraid to go to a superior, etc.

Take some actions

To eliminate the possibility of being eavesdropped or spied upon, nix personal phone calls on the premises, and keep personal Internet surfing and personal emails to the confines of your own home. Even if you can’t disarm every bit of gossip and negativity at work, refuse to provide live ammunition.

Focus on positive gossip.

Most important, perhaps, is reversing our primary focus on problems in the first place. Gossip is damaging because it breeds negativity. Spreading the good news and laudable attainments can be a great alternative. Management should lead by example in this regard, and it's easy to start. Make it a habit to recognize and share accomplishments made by associates on all levels. You should be clear about which types of communication are acceptable. Warmly encourage this positive sharing, drawing out the elements that make gossip fun and spinning them into celebrations of effort. It could take your team to the next level.

Workplace gossip (whether negative or positive) provides valuable insight on how employees think, feel and behave. It's an inside look at an individual’s character, which is priceless when choosing partnerships and friendships in and out of the workplace. But on the other hand Workplace gossip can create chaos, confusion, and miscommunication which can impede productivity. Make sure you create a positive and professional salon environment so your staffs enjoy coming to work every day. Do not allow salon gossip, pettiness and negativity to infiltrate your salon. Turnover not only affects the growth of your business in terms of wasted time and money, but it also affects the livelihoods of your other staff members and contributes to an unprofessional business environment for your customers.