Shikha Mittal


Halloween Makeup Tricks 2020

The most awaited day is yet to come yes it’s Halloween. Although in these crises it will be not possible to celebrate Halloween like past years but we still can enjoy this day just we need to brainstorm creative quarantine Halloween ideas. If learning can happen on Zoom, so can costume parades! And this time, everyone will get their chance in the spotlight. Set up a Zoom video call with your friends and relatives group and have them take turns showing off your makeup and costumes. Here are some tips and ideas to make this pandemic year Halloween memorable.

Wearing Halloween face mask

Because face mask coverings are mandated in most states across the U.S., consider making a series of Halloween-themed face masks to wear during October and on the 31st.

Though Halloween is one of the only holidays on which you’d typically dress up and wear a mask as a fun way to celebrate, the CDC recommends against wearing costume masks in place of cloth masks. People should only wear a costume mask in place of a cloth mask if it is breathable and has at least two layers of fabric that cover the mouth and nose and fits well enough that there are no gaps around the face. Also, avoid wearing cloth masks under costume masks since it may cause breathing difficulty.

Halloween Costumes

Just because you're at home doesn't mean you shouldn't step out in your funniest, spookiest, or cutest costume. Halloween costumes come in all shapes and sizes, and are available for both children and adults. You can also purchase costumes for babies or even your pet!

Costumes don’t necessarily have to be scary. While Halloween is generally known as a spooky holiday, costumes nowadays can be anything and the more creative the better.

Sometimes, romantic couples or families will all dress up in a similar theme or matching costume, though this only works if you are all going to the same party or going trick-or-treating together

Make up for Halloween

Celebrating Halloween outside or at home you must concentrate on makeup also. Here these are basic tips which will help you to create a very scary look.

  • The Base Layer- You must start from a good base which will help your makeup go on smoothly and look great all night. Some people invest in expensive bases that you can buy from Halloween stores, but you could also achieve the same effect by using a standard foundation. After all, nobody is going to see it if you’re going to be adding another color on top, such as white, green or red. If you’re going for white face paint, you’ll want to pick a foundation that’s a few shades lighter than what you’d usually wear. You can tint the foundation by mixing it with eye shadow. Use a brush or sponge so your coverage looks even and consistent.
  • Prosthetics- You can also use prosthetics as it can add so much to your costume. You can add a wart, scar, or even a new nose! Isn’t it scary? Most of these are rubber or latex, but you can also create your own with layers of adhesive-soaked tissue. As with any makeup, it's a good idea to do a skin test first. Beyond that, we hope you have a blast this year with your Halloween makeup!
  • Eye Makeup- Eye plays an important role in Halloween makeup. You can use fake eyelashes also which makes your eye bigger. You can also use color lenses like white. Also make sure your eye makeup is good. Dark Gray or Black eye shadow suit most of the dark characters. Just play around with the shapes according to your costume. 
  • Lip makeup- Lip color also maters a lot. You can choose Red, burgundy, black, or purple which are the shades for the Halloween season. Apart from these basic shades, gold and shimmery lips can also be played with. Smug with dark color pencil. A quick tip is to outline the lips with eyeliner pencil to check if you are happy with the shade, as they are easy to remove and smudge less than your lip color. Also you can change the lip shape according to your theme.
  • Hairstyle- If you want your hair look like Witch or Hermione Granger, you’ll need a fine-tooth comb, sectioning hair clips, and hair spray. Section off the top portion of your hair with a clip. Use the fine-tooth comb to tease the lower portion of your hair. Set it with hair spray. Repeat the process with the top portion of your hair. Or you want a devil horns Ditch the plastic headbands for something more intricate. Create two ponytails at the very top of your head using thick hair ties, leaving some strands that you leave down and curl with curler. The hair ties will help form the shape of the horns as you wrap your hair around them. Spray some hairspray to keep it all in place and secure it with some bobby pins.
  • Nails- Last but not the least, art on your nails. You must add more creativity on your nails.  This is the perfect opportunity to get creative with all those colors and nail art; you have been collecting over the years. If you don't feel like spending too much time on nails, black or white should do the trick. Red nails also add up more spice on your Halloween look.

This is bitter truth that celebrating Halloween during a pandemic can be a little scary. But it can still be incredibly fun. By enjoy little moment with your family you can still enjoy these long-held traditions with a “COVID twist” while practicing the necessary precautions and staying safe. Happy Halloween.