Hairbrushes And Its Usage

We adore our hair a lot and we do proper care too, like the use of proper oil, shampoo, conditioner, serum etc. However, when the time comes for combing hair we come to be pilot, we do speedy combing the hair and end result hair is broken or hair loss. You never know how right brushing can work wonders in your hair. It strengthens the hair shaft and adds shine, quantity, and body, for this your brush performs an essential role. There’s a hairbrush for each hair type and requirement. So if you often complain that your hair does not behave the way it should chance are you’re using the wrong hairbrush.

Do you ever think why hairdressers use a different brush for styling, blow-drying or for cutting? Each and every comb has its own character or can say they all are made for the different task. But we never concern about that. Here we help you out for choosing the right brush according to hair type, & styling. So you can get better results from all.

Different type of hairbrushes:

  1. Wide tooth comb
  2. Rattail comb
  3. Paddle brush
  4. Vented brush
  5. Teasing brush
  6. Metal round brush
  7. Detangling brush
  8. Mixed bristle brush
  9. Mini wooden hair brush

(a) Wide tooth comb

A ‘wide tooth comb’ specifically refers to the large spacing between the teeth of a comb. Some people mistake the term for the teeth of the comb, in particular, being wide but that’s not the case although many wide tooth combs do have teeth that are bigger in size as well. If you have curly hair, this is the best comb for hair which will maintain the curls while de-tangling it.

Much Easier to Detangle

Less Hair Fall during De-tangling & Combing

Prevents hair breakage

Reduces Frayed & Split Ends

Gentle on the Scalp!

(b) Rattail comb

This variety of comb is sleek, with a handle that is tail-like and pointy at the tip. These are commonly found in salons and as part of a professional hairstylists’ kit. Such combs usually have handled in plastic or metal. Simply put, this ‘petite’ tool is crucial in hairstyling and its structure makes a difference to your style and hair texture, within minutes. Here is how the rat-tail comb can contribute to various hairstyling procedures.


Parting hair

Backcombing or teasing hair

Hair coloring 

Post styling 

(c) Paddle brush

Paddle brush—it’s suitable for all hair types (especially longer and thicker ones), great for detangling, smoothing, and defrizzing. You can use it with your hair dryer, too, to speed up drying time and add a little extra volume and fullness for a salon-worthy blowout.  Fine, brittle, or dry hair—this brush is known to be extra gentle

Suitable for all kinds of hair types

Maximizes heat distribution for faster styling

Ergonomic grip handle

Reduces frizz

Stimulates scalp

Prevents oil build-up

(d) Vented brush

Whether you use it to detangle your curls, create an updo, or style your hair with heat, our multi-functional vented brush is gentle on curly textures. Its rubber tines glide through curly hair without causing breakage, while vents allow air from your blow dryer to pass through.

Won't break or pull hair

Made from hard rubber

Rubber tines do not split at end

(e) Teasing brush

This one has boar bristles that vary in length and distribute the sebum in your hair making your scalp less oily. Besides, this one also doesn’t cause any breakage while you tease your hair. Perfect to add volume to a big hairdo like a beehive or a bouffant, this brush helps you ace that perfect retro look.

Tame Flyaway’s

Blend Baby Hairs at Hairline

Works for smoothing out updos too

Refine Without Losing Volume

Create Texture

Smooth Part Line

(f) Metal round brush

This salon-favorite brush is the perfect choice for giving your hair more bounce and volume. It can be used on straight hair for styling. When used with a blow dryer, the barrel heats and acts like a curler or straightener. However, using this brush requires a lot of practice and expertise.

Design for professional salon purpose

It creates soft waves

Add fullness through volumizing

Great for straightening purpose

(g) Detangling Brush

The detangling brush smooths wet (or dry) hair without causing breakage. This brush is ideal for everyone—even kids! The ‘wet brush’ concept is perfect for wet and dry hair, is ideal for all hair types and is pain-free!

Effortlessly glides through hair without causing breakage

Detangles wet and dry hair with tugging or pulling on strands

Doesn't cause pain or tears, making it the perfect detangler hair brush for kids

Ergonomically designed to fit snugly in the palm of your hand

Longer teeth tease hair while shorter teeth smooth

(h) Mixed bristle brush

Mixed bristle brushes are the go-to brush for post-styling to delicately blend layers to look seamless. If you’re in search of the brush that is used to achieve the vintage Hollywood brushed-out-curls look, this is it! Start with a full head of curls that point away from your face. Once they have been set, take your oval brush and gently brush through the curls. The mixed bristles of this brush help to give you a touchable softness while distributing your natural oils for glamorous shine.

(i) Mini Wooden Hair Brush

If you prefer to keep your brush with you at all times for on-the-go styling and detangling, this tiny 4.5-inch hair brush is the right choice for you. Its small size makes it perfect for travel and its natural wooden handle and bristles give you all of the benefits that you won't get from a plastic travel brush: increased shine, less breakage, and less static.

Hair brushes come in thousands of shapes and sizes and utilize many different bristles to care for a variety of hairstyles. If you have just one brush that you use on your hair, you need to rethink your strategy. Hair needs to be treated differently based on its condition (dry/wet/thick/thin) and the style you are trying to achieve.