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Get Permanently Dramatic Eyes by Eyeliner Tattoo

Want to look younger and more energetic try eyeliner tattoo. This treatment is not only for individuals who wear eyeliner daily but it is also perfect for people with thinning lash line. Eyeliner tattoo make your eyes more expressive yet it enhance your eye shape by creating permanent upper and/or lower eyeliner. Read on to know more about eyeliner tattoo its pros and cons too. It’s time to nailing the perfect eyeliner application.

Procedure of Eyeliner Tattoo

The very first step is your eyeliner design. In this treatment lash line or semi-permanent eyeliner will be designed based on your individual needs, the shape of your eyes, as well as personal style. The tattoo eyeliner color is customized to your preference, and your artist will also work with you to determine what shape and look you’re going for. Now it’s time to choose the most natural looking color for you. The third step is Pigmentation. In this step, individual hair follicles are gently layered in the dermal layer of the skin. Experts utilize proprietary technology and a system emulating the look of real eyelashes to create natural semi-permanent eyeliner. Equipment uses a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the dermal layers of the skin depositing a mineral based pigment into the skin. A pigment is precisely applied in thin layers until the ideal color and shape is achieved creating a completely natural look. As this session is about getting a nice base started and the fine-tuning takes place in the 2nd appointment. Last but not the least step is Touch-up. 2-4 weeks after your 1st session you’ll return for a touch-up appointment to review the color and shape with your technician and make adjustments if needed to ensure that you have the look that you want to achieve. Now your mind might be rise a question that is how long is the procedure? So, the allocated time is approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours to implant the pigment in gently.

Styles of Permanent Eyeliner

Thin Natural Eyeliner- Thin natural eyeliner giver your eyes more defied and natural look. It is definitely for those ladies who want a soft natural liner that will make their eyes pop, and this is the best alternative for all the women who do not like to wear thick eyeliners. This style tattoo done in between the lashes for the lash enhancement and optional top wet line for even more of an eye-opening effect.

Medium-width eyeliner- If you love to wear a liner regularly the option is for you. This will give you look between natural and bold. So you will don’t have to waste to time to put eyeliner when you don’t have time.

Thick eyeliner- As the name suggests thick liner it is bold eyeliner. This is not suitable for every woman as you need to put permanently heavy makeup look which is not possible for all.  This will be best for the ladies who wear a significant amount of make-up on a daily basis.

Winged Eyeliner- wing eyeliner gives your eye a very attractive look. Therefore this will great for those that struggle daily to get their wings perfectly placed! You will approve the shape hundred percent before commencing. Lash enhancement included and optional wet line.

Shaded Top Eyeliner- girl’s love shaded eyeliner. It gives you a soft and subtle look for those that like a blended out effect with their eyeliner. Can be done with a small to long-winged eyeliner in different colours of black and brown. This shaded top eyeliner can create a heavy shade to a soft pixel shade for an eye shadow effect.

Eyeliner Enhancement- It is a natural-look procedure enhances any shaped eyes. It will heal to give you naturally darker and more defined eyes without the mess of eyeliner.  It will also enhance the look of eyelash extensions making it look more voluminous.  The finished look with eyelash enhancement is like a smudged natural liner in between the lashes. 

Permanent Eyeliner Pros:

  • No smudging or smearing
  • Time saver for those who take many time to put eyeliner
  • Always perfect look of your liner
  • Great for hay fever sufferers
  • Can be as subtle or dramatic as desired
  • Wake up with perfect eyes every morning
  • Great for contact lens wearers or those who wear glasses.

Permanent Eyeliner Cons:

  • Fading (or even changing colors) after 3-5 years.
  • Fanning, which is when the ink spread from its original site when injected poorly.
  • Skin reactions like allergy, infection or scars.
  • Cosmetic inks have been under scrutiny by the FDA.
  • Removal problems.
  • Changing trends

Eyeliner Tattoo Healing Time
immediately after the procedure you may have slightly swollen eyes from 24-48 hours depending on the individual. From day 5-7 you may start to see some gentle shedding of the eyeliner.  Colour pigment in the area will darken over 2-4 weeks before a retouch is required to adjust according to your requests (if any). 

Eyeliner Tattoo Aftercare

Most of the principles of general tattoo aftercare also apply to permanent makeup: you are not supposed to get the new tattoo wet for the next seven days; do not use make-up on or near the area for seven days, until your skin is completely healed; don't scratch or pick at the tattooed area; minimize exposure to the sun; keep the area clean and moisturized; Do not sleep on your face. Avoid work which gives you sweat like gym, sauna or swimming pool. Say no to cosmetic treatments such as facial or botox.

If you give some effort on after and before care then you can minimize the risk which included in getting your newly tattoo. Ask experts all about your doubts and quires before getting eyeliner inked also follow the instructions genuinely and then get your desired results.