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Get New Look With Ombre Hair Colour

Ombre is fashioned hottest hair colour and is one of the biggest hair colour trends with no sign of stopping! You can have the ombre hair colour technique on short, medium or long length hair. As it is the technique of hair colour, which gives two-toned hair colour effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom. The trend proved that the ombre colour is so unique, so multipurpose, that it’s hard to imagine there were times we didn’t know about it.
Many people confuse balayage and ombre because they’re both a kind of dip-dye. What sets them apart is in the contrasting, blocky finish of ombre, compared to the painterly strokes of balayage. 

Three types of ombre effect

Simple Ombre:  

Traditional or simple ombre is a dark-to-light effect, where colours gradually merge from one shade to the next. Darker hair is at the root, gradually getting lighter from the middle to the ends.

Reverse Ombre:
As the name suggests, instead of the traditional dark-to-light colouring, this ombre technique reverses it with lighter roots that gradually darken towards the ends of the hair. Reverse ombre hair, the slightly more unique and daring sister of the classic ombre style, is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than the classic fade from brunette to blonde, reverse ombre hair does just the opposite. While there are some styles that work with that basic principle of that subtle fade from one colour to another, others are a little more unique.

Dip-dye Ombre:

Dip dye is a classic two-tone colouring technique, where the hair is dark at roots with light ends. It is quite a statement colour, as there is no real blend between the two colours. Ombre hair lightens hair with an almost natural result. Whereas the dip dye creates a rather bold contrast."
The wonderful benefit of two-tone hair colour ideas would be that they enable you to accentuate your best facial features in a very flattering way. And, they’re a fantastic way to create the illusion of thicker hair, which is definitely a hair colour benefit most woman want! Let’s know more characteristics of this technique of hair colour.

Characteristics of Ombre

Ombre For Short Hair Is Perfect:

Although most women who have ombre styling are long-haired, those with short hair can have the same opportunity. Ombre hair is easy to try and have a variety of choices for you. Moreover, it is basically low-maintenance since you need not to worry about root touchups every now and then.

Trendy And Unique:

Ombre never ever goes out of trend. As it is all about fashion and many celebrities, and fashion bloggers love it. Moreover, it is more glamorous for you to have two colours for your hair than just one because two makes a statement.

Easy to Apply:

Although you may sometimes require an expert for advice or for giving you a flawless hairstyle, this style is still a relatively easy thing for you to do. In fact, there are many DIY ombre packages that you can buy. Another good thing about this style is that it allows so much room for creativity as you have a hundred shades to choose from. Just be careful not to experiment too much with your hair. Please note: Options are endless but typically include warm shades and earthy tones for natural-looking dimension or bold colours and contrasting shades for trend-right style.  Keep in mind, with this technique bleaching hair ends can cause damage and breakage, so leave this colour process to the professionals.

Adds dimension to your hair:

While we love a rich, solid colour, it’s also fun it mix it up with ombre and balayage looks. We love the look of hair that has dimension and multiple tones running through it, especially when the light hits it and illuminates all the blended tones. Since with ombre, the lightning effect begins around your ears and extends to the ends of your hair, it creates a stunning brightening, eye-catching effect. It adds shine and dimension to your tresses that’s why So that this hair colour technique is loved by everyone! Ombre hair accentuates the details of your hair and ultimately brings dimension and life to your locks.

Maintaining an Ombre Hairstyle:

The money spent is money spent, and the great news about this particular ombre hair trend is the fact that because you are keeping your root colour, your hair just grows out, and you don't need "root touch-ups," as a typical colour artist knows people are coming back to the salon for root dyes to keep the full dye job last longer. If you have coloured hair, there is no need always to have a monthly touch-up to your roots. Just keep using shampoo and conditioner as well as hair mask that can protect your hair. Besides, ombre hair does not require harsh chemicals that will damage your hair and scalp. Just be careful with bleaching as you could overuse it.

Some more advantages of this technique are:

  • Little to no highlights at the root
  • Dark roots to light ends
  • The desired goal is natural, low maintenance and has natural tones.
  • Consists of a base colour, background colour & highlight colour Low maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Worn best on long, wavy or curled hair but can be customized for any length of hair
  • Great for all textures
  • May take two or more sessions to achieve
  • Easily changed when the look is achieved
  • Can be dramatic, fashion-forward or natural

Some examples of ombre shades

Honey Blonde Ombre Colour

Cool brunettes should try adding warm, honey-blonde highlights through the ends to create a summery ombre.

Black To Silver Ombre

Choose this eye-catching fabulous ombre fade from black to silver white. It’s a luxurious and perfectly symmetrical wave flow all the way down in a gorgeous, shiny cascade.

Colourful Hair Ombre Ideas In Peppy Hair Colours

Colourful and peppy hair colours like the example above with purple, pink and pink are a variant for brave ladies and create without question an eye-catcher. Due to the visible contrast between the colours of the Ombre styling, it is possible to work with very different colours and create an extravagant look. Pastel pink is particularly popular when it is a little more discreet. The same also applies to pastel blue or green.

Black – Red Colour

Ombre hair works with long or short hair but the longer hair you have, the longer you can wait to introduce the Ombre colour.  This style waits quite far down the hair for the Ombre red colour, which we love.  By doing this, your darker hair will frame your face and if you prefer to have darker hair, you will love it.  You still have the colour at the ends.

Black with Green Ombre

Black hair with the green shade down gives your personality more vibrant and versatile.

So, it's time to change your simple hair colour with ombre look. And have a glam and gorgeous look just in this way.