Shikha Mittal



Glass nails only ~look~ like they use actual glass. If you want to try which is different from all manicure than you can try Glass manicure. This nail polish trend out of South Korea (Nail artist and manicurist Eun Kyung Park created the technique) uses segments of cellophane that reflects the light in a way that gives it a shattered appearance. Which really look Fab!

What are Glass Nails?

Glass nail doesn’t mean that you need to actually affix pieces of broken glass to your hands. That would be dangerous (obviously!). Instead, the look focuses on using pieces of coloured and pearlescent cellophane to mimic the look of broken glass on your nails. Which give glass effect on your nails.  Read on to know how it is done.

How it can be done?

Shattered glass nails designs are stunning, edgy, and downright gorgeous. To achieve this look, you cut holographic cellophane or mylar paper into tiny, jagged pieces to adhere to your nails. Shattered glass nail art is super easy. However, it requires a lot of patience. To do your own shattered glass nail design, you’ll need the following requirements.

Things you need:

  • Base coat and top coat nail polish
  • Nail color (your choice)
  • Cellophane sheets or holographic paper
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Curing lamp (If you want to do gel nails)
  • Cuticle oil

Procedure of Glass nails

Before starting manicure first take the cellophane sheets, and cut them with scissors into tiny little pieces

Step1- Apply base color and cure

Step2- then apply nail color and cure

Step3- apply clear coat for the shattered glass adhere to

Steps4- before it dries, places the pieces of shattered glass plastic (cellophane pieces) with the help of tweezers onto nails carefully then cure.

Step5- gently buffs any sharp edges.

Step6- seal with a thick top coat and cure

Step7- apply cuticle oil

Now you are done.

Designs for glass nails

Whether they're applied in asymmetrical, scattered designs for a funky effect or identical geometric shapes for a more formal look, these opalescent strips are pretty much the coolest thing. With choices between bold and subtle, DIY and salon-created, and your preference of backdrop color and cellophane pigment, you can personalize it as much as you'd like! Check out some of these looks for inspiration!

Holographic Glass Nails

To give high shine to your manicure you can add silver base topped off with holographic silver slivers to create the coveted glass nails appeal.

Gothic glass nail

Gothic lovers this manicure idea is for you, you can add black base with green glass effect is just perfect. The black base ensures that this nail art design is universally flattering and complements almost anything you wear.

Sea glass nail look with two-tone

More colors, more fun!  Give a two-toned look a try. To get the look, choose two sea glass colors. Paint one onto your pointer and middle fingers, then use the other to coat your remaining nails. This will give different shade of sea on your nails. Try it!

Glass nail with Stiletto shape

For a truly glam shattered glass nail look, paint long stiletto nails light pink. Then apply small pieces of foil, spacing them out so the nail isn’t totally covered.

Toe glass nails

These nails are perfect for toe nails too! It can be quite fiddly to perfect this look on such a small surface area so why not copy this great idea and just make your biggest toe the feature nail and broken-glass away to your heart’s content!

You can experiment shattered glass manicure with unlimited ideas.  You can also find holographic film stickers to create your own version or order press-on nails with the stickers pre-applied.