Shikha Mittal


Energizing Your Skin With Gua Sha Facial

Every facial give you a new skin. You feel like your skin is breathing. Just splashing water after waking up give you sense of refreshment. Gua sha facials also work like a miracle. It is just a Jade but its massage claims to give clearer skin, possibly sculpted appearance, reduce wrinkles in addition to balancing the flow of our body’s energy,

So what is Gua Sha Facial and where it comes from?

“Gua” means scrape, and “sha” is the redness of the skin that happens once you scrape it.  Gua sha is this flat little crystal tool is nothing short of magical. The practice of Gua Sha comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) when they used jade stones to scrape the skin all over the body to treat diseases. This process is believed to stimulate blood circulation to the muscles, tissues and organs; detoxing the body of stagnate “qi” reducing stiffness, pain and increasing mobility.

How Gua Sha Facial works?

A Gua sha facial isn’t just about sweeping the tool on the face; it’s about stimulating key meridian points. A professional who has mastered the technique will produce the most visible results, so better to get Gua sha facial from professionals. If you want to incorporate a gua sha massage into your routine then follow these basics steps to get best results. First you have to prepare your skin. Start by cleansing your face and then apply a generous amount of an oil-based skincare serum all over your face and neck. Owe using oil because the tool maximum slips to be able to glide smoothly over the skin. Now you’ll want to start the massage by holding the tool with the curved side to your face and start gliding it with gentle sweeps, up and out. Start with the light touch to promote blood circulation Start at the neck and work your way up to the forehead Use upward and outward strokes on the neck, jawline, chin and mouth area. Sweep across the cheeks; press gently under the eyes and across the eyebrows. End with upward strokes on the forehead to the hairline. These areas hold in a lot of tension and stress and regular massage can smoothen out and reduce frown lines. Remember you must hold the gua sha tool at a 15° angle, almost flat against your skin, use gentle pressure and don’t pull and tug the skin a lot. You can be a bit firmer in the neck, jawline and chin. And most importantly support your skin with the opposite hand.

Benefits of Gua Sha Facial

Facial gua sha is just one piece of the lymphatic puzzle but works magic to heal chronic issues in our faces like sinus pain, mucus, oiliness, and jaw clenching. Opening up the lymph nodes in your neck and face can really help jumpstart the whole system and increase your overall energy.

It’s meditative. Besides the sculpted, lifted look, performing gua sha is also incredibly relaxing. The best time to do it is as you are unwinding before bed, but you can also do it in the tub, while watching TV, etc.!

The main benefit of facial massage is its ability to remove toxins and bring new, oxygenated blood to the area which will not only helps your glow but also prevents issues like acne and fine lines due to environmental stressors

Repeating gua sha sessions and consistently doing so can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, clears blemishes and age spots, firm up sagging on your face and neck, and combats dark circles and eye bags.

After care is must. For achieving the best results you need to keep in mind these following points of after care:

  • Keep the area covered to protect from cold weather, wind, sunlight, and water. 
  • get plenty of rest 
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.
  • Do not shower immediately after.
  • Avoid exercise and sweating.
  • Clean your tool after each use with soap and water, do not share your tool with others.

Although it may seem daunting at first, Gua sha is probably one of the easiest ways to perform a safe and simple at-home facial. All you need to do is to gently scrape your face, neck and décolletage using a gua sha blade of your choice.