Shikha Mittal


Common Natural Hair Growth Mistakes You Should Avoid

Taking care of natural hair is easy unless you aware what is the right way to take care of it. Most people think growing hair is all about getting it right, but they never think about the things they are getting wrong. How to grow long hair seems to be a mystery to so many new and veteran Naturals. They could be doing everything they think that is right to grow your natural hair.  Please stop and think twice about the things you are doing wrong and the steps you can take to drastically improve them.

Not Knowing Your Hair Type

Curly hairs have very different types first you have to identify your hair type. If you have any confusion then you can get help of your professional stylist. For beginning of caring steps you must understand the hair texture so that you couldn’t lead to some missteps including buying and using the wrong products or inadvertently damaging your hair.

Avoid Cutting Off Split Ends

Yes, you have to remove split ends. A split end is damaged hair which results in the hair splitting. Trimming your hair will not make it grow faster. Trimming your hair doesn’t increase the rate in which it grows but it will help it stay healthier. The oldest parts of your hair, the ends begin to split naturally around 3 months. Removing split ends is the only way to prevent further damage on other parts of the same hair strand. Trimming will not only make your hair healthier but also it helps keep it in optimal shape. You can opt any option like “search and destroy”, “dust”, or allow a professional stylist to trim your hair

Skip Cleansing Your Scalp

Co-washing is not meant to replace you washing your hair with shampoo. It is only meant to refresh your natural hair between shampoos. Your hair needs to be washed with shampoo to remove product build-up, and conditioner is not going to do that. Co-washing (washing your hair with cleansing conditioner) is great for coarse, curly hair, as it enables your strands to retain more moisture and combat frizz. However, you need to cleanse your scalp and get rid of the product buildup if you desire to have ultimate results with the products you apply. A cleansing conditioner is great, but stripping your hair completely from a month's product is better.

Overuse Of Heat-styling Products

Most of us tend to use the heat-styling tools like flat iron, straightener and hair dryer almost every day to style our hair. This is one of the most common sources of damage hair. it gives your hair beautiful look for a day, eventually it starts to wear your hair down. Excessive heat leads to split ends and rough hair. So, limit the use of heat-styling tools if you want to grow your hair.

Sleep On Cotton Pillow

When you sleep on satin you keep your hair protected.  Most people sleep directly on cotton pillowcases but the problem with this is that cotton naturally soaks moisture out of your hair.  Satin does not soak up moisture but not only that, it doesn’t cause friction in your hair either which can cause breakage and help to grow your hair naturally.

Over Manipulation

We all love our hair and do daily experiment with new hairstyle. But remember over manipulation can be really damaging for your hair because the more you play about with it the more you increase your chances of having breakage.  It’s a difficult habit to break but if you want some good growth its best to focus on low manipulation hairstyles.

Detangling On Dry Hair

This is the myth is that detangle your hair while it is dry. Please don’t do this your natural hair are precious this will leads to suffer from breakage if you do this. The best way to detangle is in the shower with conditioner on your hair. Or you can also dampen your hair with water using a spray bottle first and then adding some type of leave-in conditioner or cream. And always use a wide-tooth comb for a smooth detangling process, and start from the tips, working your way up your length to the roots.

Towel Drying

Towel drying can lead to breakage and hair loss so if you use towel for drying your natural hair then stop there.  You can opt for air-drying that is using a blow dryer on the cold setting or you have another option that is you can use soft t-shirt for soaking up excess water this will keep your strands intact. There is a microfiber towel available which is friendlier to your curls you can use that also.

At the end follow these simple steps in your routine then see by yourself changes in your hair. Having long hair will not only in your dreams.  You actually have long natural hair in short period of time.