Shikha Mittal


Common Myths About Natural Hair

We all love our hair. Some have straight, curly, frizzy, thick, thin, blonde, brunette or red hair still hair added unique personality in you. You all have beautiful hair, no matter what they your hair type is or whatever you choose your style to carry them, you always look gorgeous with your hair. People have accepted and admired natural hair. But few people have some myth or can say misconceptions about natural hair. Let’s clear some of myth related to natural hair.

Natural hair grows slow

 Black hair in its natural state has a tendency to shrink up, preventing you from seeing its real length, leading to the popular belief that it doesn't grow long. While everyone has a predetermined hair length that's due to genetics, with proper care, you can grow your hair as long as it is destined to be and you don't need a relaxer or perm to do so.

Natural hair is very strong

Natural hair is very delicate. Since natural hair has a tougher-looking texture, many people assume it’s as strong as it appears. But, looks can be deceiving, the fact is, it’s typically fragile, because it is prone to breakage and dryness. You have to treat textured hair like a fine silk material— gently, and take extra care of it. Wide tooth combs, natural ingredients, and your own fingers are the best tools and products for natural hair. You'll find that low-manipulation and protective styles usually help to retain length because constant grooming can be too much for some hair types.

Natural hair isn't versatile

If you think natural hair is not versatile then you're losing out on a lot of exclusive hairstyles, trendy and good for your hair and scalp. Some of the many natural hairstyles you can wear are Bantu knots, Afro puffs, braids, and many others. In addition, you can combine these styles to create your own one-of-a-kind hairdos. When your hair is short, the range will be very limited but the longer the hair grows, the more styles you may try and appreciate. ]

Natural hair needs grease

Many products you’ll find in the ethnic hair care section of your local stores are full of ingredients that aren’t the best for black hair. Petroleum and mineral oil make up a large percentage of black hair products and all they do is clog your scalp and attract dirt to your hair. You do not have to grease your scalp for it to be healthy. Luckily, today’s consumer has many more options than in the past. New companies are regularly cropping up that cater to the black hair market with products full of ingredients that are just right for your hair.

Trimmings make your hair grow

The fact is, trims help prevent hair breakage. But some people have a myth about Black hair is that if you get regular trims, and then hair growth will occur.  It prevents breakages because when you have split ends, they travel upward toward your roots, which leads to breakage.  

It takes too much time

It will take time if you don’t plan out! You have to get yourself, and your hair, into a routine. Choose which day of the week is wash day, pick a time when you will do protein, hot oil, or deep conditioning treatments, set aside time for pampering your hair.

Natural hair is unmanageable

For keeping good care of your natural hair, you must know all about how to maintained them or you have to be learned. For example, we’ve learned how to make and keep relaxed hair straight. Specifically speaking, we know that water, sweat and any form of H2O is a no go for relaxed hair. We’ve learned what box perm won’t burn our scalp, which hairstylist is best and when we need to go in for a touch up. We’ve learned how long to leave the relaxer in, how much Vaseline will protect our edges, and which blow dryer and flat iron works best. Like so in, you have to give the same dedication and tenacity to learning what products work for your own God-given, hair type.

Natural Hair is expensive.

There are expensive natural hair products. However, the price of the product does not equate the effectiveness.  Multiple natural hair products are under your budget that works well for different hair types. Also, for some products, a little goes a long way. So if you buy a expensive product that does not mean you will have to repurchase that product multiple times a year. Another cost-effective method for natural hair products is to make your own.

It is essential to test everything you hear, just like trying products to see what is right for your hair. Not all-natural hair myths are entirely false, but all do not apply to everyone. That is why it is so important to learn what works for your hair.