Shikha Mittal


Choose Your Favourite Nail Shape

Nail art has always been a great art form all over the world. Before visiting in a nail salon for getting new nail art we start thinking about colour, extensions & style. Do you ever think about nail shape? Manicurist always asks you what shape you want. Your nail shape contributes to how fabulous your hands end up looking as well. Choosing the right nail shape can become quite tricky. As you must have all the knowledge about the nail. If you’re looking for some style inspiration, here are some popular and basic nail shapes to try out on your next visit to the salon, or on your own if you’re artistic enough.


Many clients love this shape as this shape is perfect for those who keep their nails at a shorter length. It’s easy to recreate by own, low maintenance, looks elegant & supports every colour. To get the look, file your nail into a perfect semi-circle with an almost flat tip. Round nails start with straight sides but curve at the edges to follow the natural shape of the fingertip.  Use this shape if you like to keep your nails short but still want to create the appearance of longer fingers. It also makes the nail beds themselves appear longer and slimmer. The edge of the nail follows the natural shape of the fingertip and will keep your nails strong and durable! Best nail shape for all types of fingers. It is the perfect option for short fingers with short or nar­row nail beds.



The curvature is more extreme than the round shape, many manicurists suggest for this shape as rocking it with longer nails. The oval look can cause short fingers to appear longer and slimmer, making it a go-to for all occasions. Like other long nail styles, this requires quite a bit of nail strength because taking so much off the sides of the nails can weaken them considerably. You also require fairly long nails to be able to reach this shape rather than round nails. This is a simple shape to achieve- just begin filing at the edge of the nails, and gradually develop the shape. You will want to file quite slowly, just to make sure that you do not accidentally take too much off the nail and ruin the shape. The best nail shape for long and wide fingers. Best colour goes with this nail shape is along with trendy colours, or this is great for metallic or shiny colours. You can even get away with throwing a pattern on too just like these pastel blue, nude and white design.


This shape of nails is perfect for the classic French manicure. It is a bold statement and creates strong sidewalls. The nails are trimmed perpendicular to the side walls. The nails also have sharp rounded tips. This nail shape will make smaller nail beds look shorter and wider. It looks best on fingernails that are short, narrow, and with long fingers. Those with thin hands, long and slim fingers will absolutely love this nail shape. It is easy to maintain and will be a perfect choice who finds going to the salon or having their nails done more frequently a burden. It looks neat yet trendy. This nail shape makes the fingernails stronger; hence they will not break easily. Best Color Wit block, bold polish colours. Geometric and negative space nail artwork well this shape too


Almond nails aren’t just pretty; they make your fingers look so sexy.  These nails suit many hand styles, and they give an ultimately feminine look. Your finger will look much delicate and slight, but will also make your hand look more smart and sophisticated. The style resembles an almond shape. With this shape, the nail is filed so that it is wider at the base and more slender toward the tip


Meet the stiletto nails. Not to be confused with its conservative older cousin the almond nail or its wild brother the coffin nail, stiletto nails come to a distinct taper at the top. Stilettos mean those high sexy heels that taper to a sharp point.  The same pointed and fierce shape comes atop your nail beds. The stiletto nail shape looks like long and super pointy. This needs to be on a fairly long nail to achieve the effect. Due to the larger area of the nail, you can show the best nail art. This nail shape may cause the nail to break off so easily so better you can use extensions for this one.


Coffin nail, or sometimes called as ballerina shaped nail, is a trendy new look for manicures. They curve in almost to the tip where they’re squared off to create visual interest and edge. If you’re sick of plain round nails and the formal look of square nails, coffin nails are an excellent in-between look and this year’s best trend. Of course, once you create the shape, you can art whatever art or colour you’d like to the nail, but we’ve noticed that whites, nudes, and wine reds seem to dominate, sometimes with gold accents. Frequently the colour is topped off with small rhinestones and/or a matte finish.


Try new mush up of the square and oval shape that is Squoval shape. It is just a great way of elongating the nails. It is one of the most popular nail shapes, because it allows the nail to keep much of its strength, but is more rounded and feminine than the square shape, allowing it to work better on shorter fingers. It’s great if you are trying to grow your nails out because this style is much less likely to break than an oval! They are also less high-maintenance than square shapes because there are no sharp corners to get damaged. To create this shape, you should start with a nice long square shape. You should then begin to gradually file away the corners of the nail, moving back to a straight line as your file towards the middle of the nail. Alternatively, begin with an oval shape and gradually flatten off the top of the nail.


Lipstick nail shapes are unique and asymmetric with the top shaped like a diagonal slant. They resemble the shape of a lipstick and their edges are usually sharp. These nail shapes are quite out there and definitely not for every day but would be undeniably striking at parties. Or they would be a cool thing to try at your next sleepover or girl’s mani-day!


Now, if you get enough knowledge about all the shapes you can give it to your nail then pick up your favourite nail shape, choose the best colour, nail extensions and just go for it.