Shikha Mittal


Biggest Makeup BLUNDERS You Could Be Making

Perfection in your makeup skills demands patience, practice and a whole lot of experience. But some small mistake will also ruin your daily look Take care of yourself by avoiding these beauty mistakes you may be making. Here check out which blunders to avoid and walk you through the right techniques to achieve a fresh, youthful glow.

Forget washing your face before applying makeup

It will be best result if you apply your make with clean face with a gentle cleanser that will support your skin type. Washing your face is key to removing dead cells that build up on skin and contribute to dullness — slough these off and you expose healthier, more radiant skin.

Forget about toner

Your next move after cleansing should be following up with a toner. This can help remove any remaining impurities from the surface of your skin. Try saturating a cotton ball or pad with the Toner, Rub the saturated cotton pad gently over your entire complexion, then wait a few seconds until the toner has nearly dried before moving on to your next step.

Not Priming Before Makeup

When you paint your walls, priming them before hand is just as important as the color as it affects the overall look in the end. With makeup, priming your face is no different. Without primers your makeup will not only go on as smoothly, but won’t last as long. Adding primer not only cuts down application time but adds to your wear time.

Applying too much foundation

Every women dreams of even toned smooth and clear skin but too much foundation will ruin your dream. A thick layer of foundation makes you much older and gives you that cake face effect. Your skin is supposed to look fresh so use sheer foundation, keep it light and don’t overdo it. Concealer will cover up great if you have pigmentation and breakout, use it under the foundation.

You are not blending your foundation down your neck

Not blending your foundation into your neck will result in a less flawless look. Even if your foundation matches well, it is still a good thing to do especially if you plan on contouring your neck later on.

Not finishing up with powder

Youthful skin reflects light. Powders prevent light reflection and tend to magnify lines in the skin. If powder has been the final step of your makeup routine since high school, it can be difficult to quit cold-turkey. Here's a three-step program: First, switch to a very sheer translucent powder, then, start using it only on your nose and chin. Finally, trade the powder for a packet of blotting tissues—use one, only on the T-zone (nose, chin, and forehead), if you're shiny midday.

Going overboard with Lip Liner

A lip liner can define your lips and prevent color from feathering into any lines around the mouth—but choose one very carefully. If you draw line your lips too heavily, or with a color that's too dark, they'll look tight and pursed. For the most natural effect, your lip liner should match the color of your lips, not the color of your lipstick. Choose a creamy formula that won't adhere to any dry patches, and use it to fill in your lips entirely, so it wears evenly.

Don’t make mascara clumpy

Gently clamp your lashes with a baby wipe between your forefinger and thumb, and pull lashes all the way through to remove any excess formula. Then put a little Vaseline on your fingertips and lightly run them across the tips of your lashes to separate, darken, and define them. Also, toss that mascara because it's probably too old to use.

Putting blush nicely

A nice rosy hue on your cheeks is supposed to add the finishing touch to your face, not be the center of attention. Putting blush on a lower part of your cheek can drag your face down and look overdone. Use a contouring brush and applying color only to the apples of your cheeks, as opposed to the entire sides of your face. This way, your face will be lifted up naturally when you blend and avoid looking over-the-top and, well, like a clown.

Below there are also some mistake in your skin care regime that you must avoid

Using expire products

According to experts liquid makeup should be replaced after six months, dry powders after two years, and mascara and liquid eyeliners after three months. When product expires their formulas can change and active ingredients may be less potent and therefore less effective also outdated products are more prone to yeast or bacteria growth, which can cause skin irritations or infections

Dirty makeup brushes

Dirty makeup brushes can pave the way for a number of skin problems, and transfer dirt and bacteria onto your makeup products then to your face, and then back again to the product. You must wash your brushes every two weeks. Rinse brushes with warm water, then massage a little shampoo into them. Rinse again, wipe flat and lay to dry. You can also do a mini clean after each use- Rub your brush hairs with a baby wipe or makeup remover wipe soon as you're finished applying makeup

Sleeping with makeup on

Sleeping with your makeup on is a serious no-no! Sleeping with makeup on will blocks your pores, causing oil build-up and acne. Not only is acne an issue to worry about, but sleeping with mascara and eyeliner on can lead to some serious eye diseases, infections and irritations. Make sure to spend the extra couple minutes washing your face before you hit the hay.

You’re not using SPF

SPF isn’t just for when you’re basking in the sun; in fact, you should be wearing SPF daily and all year round. Sun damage is not something to play with and you should be avoiding it at all costs. By adding SPF you prevent yourself from not only wrinkles but serious stuff like skin cancer.

Neglecting your hands and feet

Aside from your neck, your hands are a dead giveaway of wrinkles. Your hands and feet do the most amount of work for your body, so treat them right. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer on your feet and wear socks so that it gets absorbed. The same applies for your hands but just wear gloves. You can also have manicure and pedicure so that they will glow like your face.