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Best Cuticles Remover And How To Use It

Best Cuticles Remover And How To Use It

The cuticle is an important element while performing a manicure. But it should perform in a right way. Many people are confused about nail cuticle. Actually, when you see your nail carefully, you will notice the area where the nail meets your skin. You should see a white crescent called the lunula. The cuticle is the piece of skin that overlaps the hard nail and touches the lunula.

The cuticle plays an important role in the health of your nails. It allows them to grow and protect the ends of our fingertips.  If you get frequent manicures, they may be smooth and even, pushed back as far as they'll go. If not, they may be ragged and torn, or creeping up on the nail. But either way, you'd be wise to pay some attention to these little scraps of skin. Keep reading to learn what a nail tech should do to perform correct cuticle care.  

How to use cuticle remover correctly

First remove all the old nail paint with a polish remover (good quality) which is on your nails. Then wash your hands properly. 

Identify the cuticle is a delicate task because you cannot distinguish between the cuticle and the healthy living skin which is situated next to it. Try to get help from professionals. Therefore, for removing cuticles, identification is must.

In market there are many types of cuticle removers are available like in cuticle gel, cream, sticks nippers or liquids. You have to read all the instruction which is written over the product to avoid the mess. Some people have allergies to some ingredients, for instance, some remover contains high-pH chemicals like sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide that can irritate your skin. If this indigent will stay longer on your skin you might get irritated. So don’t put it so long. And ask your specialist to use the remover according to your suitability. When you aware of all the instructions, then apply the remover in a very little amount. Try to use Orangewood stick and spread the cuticle remover and loosen the cuticle carefully.

Let the cuticle remover stay on your nail (duration- according to the instruction written over the product.) Usually the duration ranges from a few seconds to five minutes.

It’s time to push the cuticle, remember, don’t trim it as it damage the healthy living skin. Use an orangewood stick to push your cuticles back. When you push back your cuticle then don’t drag it across the nail plate.  

Wipe off the entire excess cuticle remover with the help of cotton pad it will remove all the dead skin. Now wash your hands this is how all the leftover product will be removed.

That’s it! Rock with your neat and clean nail.

The best nail cuticle remover.
Cuticle remover gives that special care to prevent dryness and flaking. Also to give your fingernails a much prettier manicure looks. There are many cuticles removers are available for you. Here we gathered some of the best, so keep scrolling.             

Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil, Milk and Honey

This cuticle remover is  specially formulated with honey and milk that’s why this product make your cuticle soft. Honey naturally soothes and moisturizes, while lactic acid from milk refreshes and stimulates the skin.

CND Cuticle Eraser Gentle Exfoliator

This cuticle eraser gentle on your skin as it contains moisturizers like aloe vera and apricot kernel oil, Vitamin E and chamomile extract. The best thing this product is it uses alpha hydroxy acids to chemically exfoliate the cuticle tissue instead of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. It doesn’t need to be washed off.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

As the name suggests, it helps break down excess cuticles in just 15 seconds. Also, it is also in available in your budget. With moisturizing Aloe and Chamomile to condition and soothe

Lanolips 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm

This is best for the ultimate dry skin treatment. This will hydrate extremely dry, cracked newborn skin this super-dense balm penetrates & seals in moisture.

SuperNail Cuticle Softener & Remover 

This product provides quick and effective results. It softens with a moisturizing power to leave nails healthier. It also helps in removing stains like a stain of ink, hair dyes, carbon ribbon, and hair tints. Super Nail Cuticle Softener & Remover is specially formulated to be gentle on the skin and nails.